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Gary points us to FAST's mSearch solution for mobile:

“FAST mSearch offers a complete solution that addresses the need of the mobile end user, while also enabling carriers and content providers to own their own destiny in this space,” commented Ali I. Riaz, FAST’s chief operating officer. “Ring tones, images, music and games are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the content mobile users will want to search for and download onto their mobile applications. Search has become the #1 way of navigating the Internet, and now FAST mSearch will enable people to also find the content and information they are looking for on their mobile devices. Based on the already successful deployment of our innovative search applications for several of the world’s largest wireless carriers and content providers, FAST aims at taking on a position as one of the most innovative vendors in the mobile space.”

Thanks Gary!


It is worth noting...

From the Gillott Research white paper on Fast's site the following:


As shown in this paper, adding mobile search can have a dramatic effect:

  • For a mobile operator in North America with 5 million subscribers, could see additional revenue resulting from mobile search exceed $54 million over three years.
  • A European mobile operator with 10 million subscribers could reasonably expect to see an additional €139 million over three years, equivalent to the revenue from an additional 98,000 new subscribers added to the base each year.
  • Finally, a North American operator with 20 million subscribers would have to add an additional 123,000 new subscribers each year for three years to generate the same $234 million expected to come from a mobile search capability.

The advertising opportunities that can go with that are enormous and could be very different from what is currently offered.

Is this part of FAST part of

Is this part of FAST part of Overture/ Yahoo? Or did Overture/ Yahoo only purchase the database and leave the developers alone?


No this is Fast Search & Transfer which is an independent company. They sold alltheweb to Overture, who were bought by Yahoo who are different from Google, who haven't bought Fast :-)

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