Google testing serps without urls


I'm really not a fan of the UI test. I guess for navigational terms the domain isn't important but when I come to search for answers I find the url very useful specially since google have removed the block domains (I really hate some sites).

Each result seems to separated by a rule. I have a feeling this maybe for touch screen. It looks a lot more like the mobile version.




Not a fun..

Maybe the matter of the habit though... But how come we'll have no domain branding any more? I also think it hurts usability as you can't see the domain at a glance...

Could this be the next

Could this be the next evolution after Google has declared the old domains may carry penalties long after they have been sold to new owners? How many good domains are left? 

This could also be a part of diminishing EMDs.

Google is showing results

Google is showing results without the url. It will probably never become mainstream, but it does offer a lot of discussion.The obvious being the visual verification that users do before they click a link. Opens up a world of spam.

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