Science Fiction - Endemic Addiction amongst Geeks?


I should have been working hard on the redesign this evening but im knackered, and a total sucker for sci-fi series and films - not to any great excess, but i do love 'em...

I watched the third episode of Firefly by Joss Whedon of Buffy fame. (Buffy is an altime favorite of mine and i can watch almost any episode again and again..)

Then after spending 40mins trying to get into some very realist drama/suspense thing about london immigrants (Ivanas idea not mine..) I settled back to catch the end half of Return of the Jedi for the umpteenth fucking time.

All in all, a thoroughly good evening, complete with a modest amount of Carls Påske (Easter brew).

I love Sci Fi

It's true, i just can't get enough of it. I suspect im not the only one (ok, i know im not the only one..) amongst the web dev and marketing crowd.

  • I get bored after 3 pages of anything other than sci-fi/fantasy books
  • I once spent 3weeks stoned, watching 32 episodes of Blake 7
  • My favorite horror movie is The Cube
  • Im a die hard Terry Pratchett fan and beleive that L-Space is not fantasy at all, and does indeed exist.

A sad case i guess, how 'bout you?


>Steven Brust - Vlad Taltos

Yup. I have the first three or four, on my "reread regularly" list, but the others are soooo far out there....

>Robert Jordan - wheel of tim

>Robert Jordan - wheel of time

I tried to get into his stuff, but never could.

Oh yeah. I was a D&D'er too.

Hm, truly a geek / nerd thread

Robert Jordan - wheel of time, been reading it more than a decade, the bugger is now taking more than 2 years for the latest installment (last one sucked) so hopefully it won't suck. He's supposedly only a book or two from the end, as well.

Terry Goodkind - harsh, but good. The series starting with "Wizard's First Rule" has some very brutal torture, violence, etc...but, it's still good.

David Drake - big fan, Lord of the Isles is good.

Steven Brust - Vlad Taltos has to be the coolest assasin ever, though got lame in the last book or two when he decided that he was a reincarnated...nevermind, just read all but the last two or three with him.

Others people have mentioned, love Fantasy, don't read Sci Fi ( though will watch the movies) and yes, get teased for playing D&D, Ad&d, etc from way back when too.

I loved Dr. Who!

I loved Dr. Who! I wish they would show it again in the US!

I watched the first series of Star Trek also, and watched all the Logan's Run series when I was a kid too.

Anything SiFi

I will watch most things even faintly SiFi:

Startrek (except the new Enterprise)
Farscape (waiting to see the new episodes to tie everything up)
Matrix for the effects

Got a few of Mr Pratchett's books.

Nick have you seen the new cube film. Not a bad effort but the original is still the best.

Red Dwarf

RD is soooo good, chris barry is a bloody genius!

Fiest and Eddings have both blown it with me, they both seem to have had one good epic series in them and then went so far downhill that i'll not read either again without seeing some seriously stunning reviews.

Feists latest thing about 'foxes' - cant remember the series title - the 2nd book is soo shit its not even funny and Eddings blew it by trying to milk the belgariad for all it's worth and in the process, publising some seriously crap books.

>Wheel of time

The series that NEVER ENDS!

Tad williams is good, so is Chris Bunch

Most SF/Fantasy is much too 'NICE'

Michael Moorcock once wrote that Lord of the Rings was the Surbiton of the mind - I'm inclined to agree. Star Wars also follows the same predictable formula which is repeated over and over again in SF and Fantasy. It always little guy/gal with courage/love in their hearts takes on Evil dictator of monstrous power and wins. And that reminds me - why did everyone think The Matrix was a good film, it was just and eminently forgettable version of the aforementioned formula.

Anyway a few that stand out from the mundane:

A Boy and his Dog
Twelve Monkeys

Jerry Cornelius Series (Michael Moorcock)
All Fools Day (Edmund Cooper)
Kronk (Edmund Cooper)
Beauty (Sherri Tepper)
Bug Jack Barron (Norman Spinrad)
The Iron Dream (Norman Spinrad)
The Green Millenium (Fritz Lieber)

Geek/Nerds Anonymous?

I have always been a proud geek since I got into star wars (empire strikes back, too young to see sw at cinema), dungeons and dragons, fighting fantasy books, sci-fi and my vic20 aged not very much ;O) Sci-fi and fantasy actually helped me into the world of BBS and the t'internet so not all bad ;O)

Star Wars (other than ep1) kicks star treks arse. Thought TNG and DSN were ok but not a patch on B5 or recent BSG incarnation. Star Trek is just to preachy and goody-goody for my liking.

Pratchett (pterry) - genius. Own all his books but havent read the most recent couple (have a 6' wide shelf full of unread books that I am working through). Loved Douglas Adams stuff, esp HHGTG (not so much dirk gently) but not read them all. Asimov, very cool. LOTR/Eddings/Goodkind/Feist, etc, epic series are probably most often read type of books, last book in wheel of time was very dissapointing low point in an otherwise excellent series.

Aren't Geeks nerds with social skills?

Talking of wobbly sets, my nerdiest moment (which my wife will never forgive me for): chatting with other fans at filming of "can't smeg won't smeg" red dwarf anniversary (and then following up with filming of new series).

Kind of interesting...

I just saw the 1976 movie Logan's Run last night. I was actually rather impressed with it..the special effects were fairly good considering the time they were made. (Except for the protein robot guy...and the fact that the sandman police people couldn't hit the broad side of a barn with their pistols.)

And, the other cool thing: it was filmed entirely in the Dallas Fort Worth Area. The fountain scene where they left the old man is still a place you can visit.

Sci Fi vs Fantasy

Im cool with Sci Fi films, but i dont read any scifi books at all - pure fantasy only thanks very much...

And yeah GG, the 2nd Cube was dreadful, but i didn't even know there was a third made, thanks! Also, did you see some fans made a full length amateur film of "Lords and Ladies"? covered here...

Me too ET, me too

The only thing I hate more than science fiction is Scotland.

I am so out of touch.....

The only thing I hate more than science fiction is Scotland being beaten by England. So I must really be an outsider here - or maybe it is just my feminine side coming out.

I totally hated the programmes and films mentioned in this thread.

For my enjoyment I would go to an English poet, William Wordsworth...
I would relate
How Wallace fought for Scotland; left the name
Of 'Wallace' to be found like a wild flower
All over his dear country; left the deeds
Of Wallace, like a family of ghosts
To people the steeps rocks and river banks
Her natural sanctuaries, with a local soul
Of independence and stern Liberty

Never cared much for Sci-fi

Always prefered fantasy. Sci-fi movies always bored me to death. Especially if a bunch of odd creatures are involved. Ents I can understand. Wookies make no sense. Just a furry costume. I'd rather read Umberto Eco or Goodkind than Vonnegut or Asimov.

Star Wars seemed to be little more than thinly veiled human characters with human motives with some humans to interact with. Domination as a motive is too "human" to be interesting just because they shoot each other with lasers and use light sabers and chase each other with space ships instead of muscle cars. Smokey and the Bandit Go to Space. Woohoo. ;)

Who & Dune

Dr Who the greatest, when i was a kid, now some of it is embarrassing to watch. Tom Baker's still my hero though, I still haven't gotten over the shock of seeing him play a randy and weird vicar in some bbc drama, I forget the name.

Dune I've read countless times, brilliantly thought out fantasies with lots of action.

So much SF, so little time

Where do I start?

Firefly: the DVD collection is great. I'm watching an episode a week right now. The DVD collection episodes are in the proper order Whedon wanted and it makes a huge difference.

Blake's 7: Love the series. These old BBC series are best when the sets wobble and threaten to fall over. With no money for special effects the talent goes into the writing and acting. Unfortunately there is no Region 1 encoded DVD set available for US fans.

Dr. Who: See remarks about sets under Blake's 7. I wish the BBC would release full sets here in the US on DVD. I would really like to get all the Jon Pertwee episodes and the Tom Baker episodes. Maybe someday.

Wish List: Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Time Tunnel, Farscape.

Books: Used to read mostly Arthur C. Clarke, Asimov, etc. Now more fantasy like Glen Cook.

I loved both

The Prisoner and Star Trek-the-original-in-b&w (we were the last family in Vegas to have a color tv.... no lie....). Those were the last tv shows I ever watched really - tv is not my thing....

Confessions of a SciFi Nerd/Geek

The new version of Battlestar Galactica is fantastic.

Farscape was mostly good, except when the aliens in the episode looked like muppets.

Enterprise was mostly okay, though I hate all episodes that feature Hoshi's phobias (there are quite a few). Star Trek will always have a softspot - although I never could stand Voyager - even in syndication, I rarely see it.

Tom Baker's Dr. Who - I love for sentimental reasons. I also know that BBC has a new Dr Who starting March 26th.

The Prisoner - not quite science fiction... but still lots of fun.

There are too many scifi movies to name - but I once contemplated a 16 hour drive from Mexico to Texas in order to see Star Wars Episode I two weeks before it was due to be released in Mexico. (I decided not to, and am so glad I didn't)

Trying to watch Andromeda - but the writing isn't quite there for me.

I don't read a lot of the commercial SF - but I have read all the Dune Books (the TV adaptation was mediocre), Dan Simmons' Hyperion series, all of the Philip K Dick stuff, William Gibson's stuff, etc.

Right now I am enjoying the complete Sherlock Holmes collection.

Riverworld series

I tried to watch the Science Fiction Channel's take on the Riverworld series. I didn't get too far into it. The books were much better. Having protagonists like Samuel Clemens and Sir Richard Francis Burton were brilliant ideas. I'm going to have to reread those.

I liked the Firefly series, and wished it had lasted longer. There was a nice mix of characters amongst the crew - something that a number of recent science fiction series have lacked.

I do tend to read more fantasy than science fiction these days, such as the Terry Goodkind books that grnidone mentions above, and Gene Wolfe's books.

philip jose farmer

is good, underknown sci-fi writer. he wrote the 'riverworld' series. i think sci-fi tried to do a movie about it, but i haven't seen it. basic premise is that characters and people from earth all wake up on a planet that is one huge river... genghis khan, mark twain, etc...

No clue about the movies or telly

but I do love sci-fi and fantasy to read - and to write. I started out with Mika Waltari (yep, I consider that fantasy) at about 14 when I was in high school (my mother would have had pink and purple polka dot kittens) and have read nearly every author out there at one time or another.... Leigh Brackett - now THERE was a tale-spinner....

Sci Fi, my favorite...

Ooh, something I truly enjoy. TV: Farscape, I miss it, too bad it's gone, the other stuff on now, has it's moments, but doesn't quite do it for me.

But on the literary end of things: Heinlein, David Weber, Lois McMaster Bujold, and too many others to list. I love finding a "new" author and devouring everything I can find. Hmm, why haven't I done much Pratchett? (must get to the library)


SF is for Nerds

Geeks are a different species.


Pratchett - cool, a peek into the human condition.

Admas - it's all been said before. Scared about the upcming hithchikers movie and how badly they muck it up.

Vonegut - A real look at the human condition.

Harlan Ellison - an all time great.

I'm not addicted, in fact mos

I'm not addicted, in fact most of these things I did were perfectly normal

  • Cutting class in high school taking a 90 minute train ride to manhattan to wait in line for 3 hours to see the 9am first show of Return of the Jedi
  • Actually getting the zero charisma joke in ET
  • Going to the Hayden planetarium to see the travelling show of Star Trek props and getting goos bumps when I sat in Capt. Kirks bridge chair
  • Convincing your wife that taking two preschool kids to see travelling Star Wars show with Darth Vader's real costume was culturally enriching
  • Having a bar room argument about how much better Star Wars was than Star Trek, because the Millenium Falcon went thru asteroid fields at full speed while the Enterprise did it at 1/4 impulse power


I love the Rincewind picture! Pratchett rulez!

Has anyone seen Cube Zero? It's a prequel to Cube. I loved Cube, but the sequel (Hypercube, I think?) was so bad that I'm scared to try Cube Zero. If anyone can recommend it, speak up..

This it

This it ? - it looks awful


It was at least 15yrs ago :-)

Htgtg is outdated but you wat

Htgtg is outdated but you watch Blake7? lol

No Sci-fi series that gets my attention anymore, Enterprise is not bad but even that’s coming to an end this series.

Looking forward to the hgtg movie, star wars 3, War of the Worlds, and His Dark Materials – no doubt be disappointed by them all

Dont Panic

I did enjoy the books, but now, it's hopelessly outdated...

Douglas Adams was a genius in his time, but for me, that time has long since past :(

As for Blakes 7, i only vaguely recall it, but it was one of those wonderful british series with plenty of neat lines and silly humour as jetboy points out that has such a place with me...

sci-fi eye for the geek guy

heh ;)

i'm really wanting to see the new Dr Who soon. especially since Fox screwed it up years ago with a crazy american version.

also, H2GTG!

Don't Panic!

Blake's 7

I was fanatical about Blake's 7 the first time around. Whenever I see repeats I'm shocked by how bad it looks now, before getting drawn in by the great stories and characters once again.

Villa: "I've got this shocking pain right behind the eyes."
Avon: "Have you considered amputation?"

Is Fantasy part of 'sci-fi'?

I lean towards the fantasy side of the scale -- such as Terry Goodkind, but also love sci-fi.

And who doesn't like The Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy?


Space battle in the last half-hour of RotJ is still unmatched in cinematic history, in my opinion. :)

I'd invite you to to my science fiction and fantasy forums, but I might have to kick you out if you got unruly. ;)

32 episodes of Blake 7

...God, you would have to have been stoned :-)