Google Glass hit $95,000 on ebay before being pulled


So some guy called "Ed from Philadelphia" posted up his google glass up on ebay which reached the crazy amount of $95,000 before being pulled down.. 

Google seem to have the ability to block and disable google glass remotely.

Full story here


Do you become a Google drone with Google Glass ...

Clearly Google will always know where you are and what you're looking at, unless you use the off switch. :)  So could they send you a message even subliminally.

You're assuming...

that the "off switch" is really that, Barry. ;)

As for them trying to prevent the sale or transfer of Glass after they're available to buyers, I doubt that. I can certainly see them requiring that they be registered to a verified G+ account, though... Hell, they're already doing that with a number of properties.

More like, hey he just looked

More like, hey he just looked at the Domino's Pizza sign, quick, flash those ads for Pizza Hut and Weight Watchers. Which one he picks will set the course for the next series of ads!

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