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Question: What do you call a blog without comments enabled?

Answer: A website!

Jupiter need to get their act together, they keep bragging about how long they've been blogging but to my mind, it's just a website that publishes often, unless you enable discussion.

  • They dont allow trackbacks
  • They dont allow comments
  • They do want you to write for them for free


I can just about live with the SEW blog as although you can't comment, you can at least trackback Danny and Gary, but the analyst blogs suck for communication, it's just broadcast.

And that ain't what it's all about...


Too true

Blogs by their nature are not simply content management software, but a means to interract.


Heh. A blog is a journal ordered by date. Or something. Apparently.

If people want to comment, they can fire up their own blog and comment to their hearts content :)

Now, back to your regular scheduled broadcast...


Well, apart from the little welcome intro above, purely to try to explain what we are, i've never really thought of this place as either a blog or a forum..

I dislike trying to label it as something inbetween aswell, but then i dont really have a better description :)

One things certain, it's more blog than anything Jupiter analysts are doing...

Perhaps it's a...

FoRumblOG... a FROG. :-)

(Well, you didn't like "flog"...)

Personally I don't see why Blogs have .. have comments, they are a log of one persons thoughts/ideas/items of interest.

Comments are superfluous at best and not in the true spirit of a blog.

OTOH - If you want to generate free content, comments are absolutely essential

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