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Threadwatch is looking for editors! Submitted by: annsmarty - Wed, 2013-04-10

Threadwatch needs voice and people who want to be part of building something special. So we are looking for your perspective! That's a great opportunity to get your voice heard within the industry!

Google Soon to be the #1 ISP? Submitted by: affhelper - Sun, 2013-04-14

Great article highlighted on discussing Google's designs to become a major Internet Service Provider. We all use the search giant to navigate the web, but how do you feel about them providing your service? Is this a good idea? Another step forward for Google's plan of world domination?

Bing Partners with Pinterest Submitted by: annsmarty - Fri, 2013-04-12

Interesting development going on in the world of search - Pinterest and Microsoft have teamed up to allow users to Pin from search results. Is this a good thing? How does it affect SEOs? Is it a violation of copyright laws, now that users can view and share images without ever visiting the originating site? Chime in and let us know your thoughts.

How to Size Your New Google+ Header Image Submitted by: DocSheldon - Wed, 2013-04-10

With the Google Uploader Crop Tool seemingly broken, user Dave has created a cool YouTube video showing you a nice workaround to avoid having a giant header image devouring your monitor.

Link Your YouTube Channel and Google+ Page Submitted by: DocSheldon - Wed, 2013-04-10

At long last there is an easy way for you to link your YouTube Channel to your G+ pages. The people at ReelSEO show you how to do just that in this Threadwatch highlight. You also learn how to assign and edit multiple managers as well. Great video!

Now You Can Add Yourself as a Past or Current Contributor with Google Authorship Submitted by: annsmarty - Tue, 2013-04-09

Google is now allowing some - read: Not All - Google Plus users to specify whether they are a current or past contributor on any website. Not sure yet what the affect of this will be, but important knowledge for any SEO and author.