Now you can add yourself as a PAST and CURRENT contributor #Google #Authorship


There may be too many authorship-related stories currently but what can we do if it's a new toy!

As of today Google is letting some (not all) Google Plus users specify yourself as a "past" or "current" contributor of any website. It's unclear yet which signal it's sending to Google but it's surely an interesting find!

Past and Current Contributor To Notations

So many questions, no good answers! Read more here

Update from Google:

“We’ve made a minor improvement to the Google+ profile page so that now you can specify whether you’re a past or current contributor to a given online publication. This way you can connect your Google+ profile with the content you’ve authored, even if you no longer write for a given site.


very interesting, indeed

Could there be a freshness factor to authorship: If you're a long established active author, is there more trust conferred?

With the whole author thing, it is hard to separate the buzz from the fact. I've read a lot of debate on if authorship really is a ranking signal right now or if all of this is a ramp up for the future. We already know that google is grabbing authorship information whether or not you tag up your pages and connect them to Google+ ....I wonder if for those authors who are properly tagged up, if they get any kind of 'boost'....and with this latest being an established author for a certain publication a boost of trust.....

I think it's coming...

Matt C. already said not too long ago that it isn't yet a ranking signal, but that it made sense that it would become one at some point. It's that elusive "point" that'll keep it interesting for a while. I think anyone that's interested in personal branding would be well advised to adopt early.

RE: I think it's coming...

I agree DocSheldon ...if I was working in the news vertical, I would be all over author rank stuff :)

New holes too...

Every new "toy" from Big G means new holes for someone to poke at until it is so gaping Google has to close it. 

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