ChameleonReader learns your Bloglines Habbits

I got an email this evening from a nice chap called Josh Tyler. He's written an app with a slightly dodgy interface, for overlaying Bloglines

It's called Chameleon Reader and will apparently learn from your habbits, and organize your feeds for you. He explains it better than I, so here's an excerpt from the email:

The basic idea is that it learns from your behavior, figures out which feeds are your favorites, and helps you find them (highlights them, moves them to the top, etc.). It's a way of managing hundreds of feeds without having to scroll through pages and pages. Personally, I don't think folders are the answer, since they require too much manual intervention. Also, it finds "top links" -- sorta like Blogdex or Bloglines Top Links, but for your feeds only. Finally, I think it's a nicer, friendlier UI. The functionality is limited, since I didn't want to reinvent the wheel, but rather focus on the innovative parts.

I've switched from Bloglines to the Sage plugin for firefox, and apparently you have to use it for a while to see it really in action, so if anyone uses bloglines and wants to take it for a spin i'd love to hear how it does....

Some of those features sound superb, though i can't help being a little sceptical as that's a pretty impressive feature set....


Brief Review

I like that it's simpler to read and easier on the eyes. I also like that it prioritizes things. However if a full feed is published and you read it in the reader without clicking through it doesn't seem to know you think it's important. So you do have to teach it. I use the 'keep as new' feature quite a bit so I missed not having it.


Ok so I prompty wrote the last post and then decided to give it a go. So far all I get is errors - I see the feeds but if I click it returns errors and then marks the feeds to 0. Will try again later I guess.

I'm getting there

but it's a long weekend - and hot - which will probably be the last nice weather we'll get, so it may be a day or so before I get to this. But it does sound good and I like spartan. I'm not a colour and movement person!

Workin on it

I'm trying it out will let you know. The interface is more spartan than bloglines, so if you want less eye candy thats a plus.


Yeah, it does doesn't it?

I like the idea of having authority feeds organized like this, we've talked about this quite a bit in the past in fact..

Let us know what you find Sanity!

No takers?

If there's still none tomorrow I'll step up to the plate. Does sound interesting.