Bing - it's not actually that bad


So I've been so pissed off with Google of late that I figured I'd finally make the jump to Bing.

Tried leaving Google a few years ago but always ended up coming back. Finally decided I had to do something about it to stop being a hypocrite.

Anyway ... I find myself actually enjoying Bing. The results don't seem that significantly different to Google - major searches tend to return major sites.

And the new image each day is refreshing and educational. Get used to that for a couple of weeks and then try not thinking the Google logos are lame and dorky when you see them.

Now I mostly only use Google for manual ranking checks on IE with privacy on.

Otherwise, I'm now using Bing. And you know, it's really not that bad. The surprise is really that it felt so hard to move from Google.




Your right in a way......

I think Bing is good enough for most, and I would put myself in there. But if you take the time to look at data surrounding specific sites, why they rank, and also other data from other sites that have been penalized or devalued by Google, you get to see that Google's algos are much more sophisticated than Bing.....but maybe that’s overkill...I mean maybe the average searcher doesn't need things to be that sophisticated.

Not quite ready yet

Although a lot of things about Google frustrate me or just flat piss me off, my clients are only interested in ranking on Bing secondarily, if at all. So I pretty much have to work with the Google results.
And I agree with you Joe - Google's algos may be a lot more sophisticated than is needed for what they're doing today, but I think Bing's are too simplistic, judging by what they deliver.

I use Bing

Working as a SEO I use Google and bow to their algos daily. Strictly speaking search (as I own a Droid phone - but even then use Bing for mobile searches) In my leisure time I use Bing, one for reasons as stated in the original post - love the daily picture and the search results fit my personal search needs.  Plus I find the cleaner SERP easier to filter through.  Perhaps old search habits die hard, but honestly putting on my consumer/user hat for a moment I hate blended results and 'personalization' I find it anything but personal and rather I feel lumped into a box of assumptions.  Or perhaps since Google has such a strong presence in my work life I elect to turn that off in my personal time.  I use Bing for Travel, Maps, and search.  I use Google for work.

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