Beer Not Fattening - UK to sell it in Girly Sizes


The BBC say that Beer is not fattening

Brewers are hoping to appeal to women drinkers by offering beer in third-of-a-pint glasses. But first they tackle the belief that beer is more fattening than wine. Is it true?
Believing that female drinkers are put off by pints and halves the BBPA wants to see beer served in more elegant, long-stemmed, third-of-a-pint glasses.

But it also wants to set the record straight on beer's calorific qualities. Startling as it may seem, beer is less, not more, fattening than wine.

Personally, i find a girl that can down a pint both common, and thoroughly attractive... i once new a lass who could down a pint of bitter in 4secs - wonderful she was, wonderful...

Added: When i say common, i mean as in "not uncommon" ok? :-)


I know the one you mean

Yes they are - everything has to be approved by 'the committee' but the beer is about a quid cheaper per pint than the local pubs.


There used to be a programme on British TV called Wheeltappers & Shunters something.

Are the modern day working men's clubs still like that. Just interested.

Its Ages....

Since I've seen anyone drink a half pint.

But then again its not often I drink anywhere other than the working mens club.

7 ft 2 inches :)

of course

13 stone ?

maybe :)

Beer not fattening

BULLSHIT .... I have ran many tests in the intrest of research of course ..


From the article

Quote: would set a precedent and we would have pubs up and down the country demanding the right to be able to serve their drinks in half-litres and litres.

Bizarre - I can really see all the pubs demanding the right to replace all their imperial pint glasses and offend their customers at the same time - yeah, right, really gonna happen, eh?

What planet do these people live on?

Bless Our Pint

>>There would be uprising in the UK, what all the working mens clubs:

It is good to know that not all of Britain's charm will be swept away by a stampede of conversion to that soulless metric system. Hehe.

That's so ... romantic...I think..

And we met at christiania, which was at the time, a place to buy hash, (we had the same favorite dealer) heh...

I'm not sure if that is romantic or not..I guess if it is your hobby...

Junk food could be healthy option, too

In a sustained campaign to kill Britons off at an early age, the BBC is also suggesting that Burgers are to become non fattening

Scientists say they will be able to make junk foods such as burgers and fries the healthy option in the future.

Dr Gary Frost, head of nutrition at Hammersmith Hospital.
He said policies pushing fruit and vegetable consumption were doomed to fail, but ministers disagreed.

Heaven forbid, they will be making the beer non fattening next!

exactly the reverse!

Trading standards officials - who normally order shops and stores to serve goods in metric measures - say beer must be sold in Imperial pint and half-pint glasses.


In my time in the UK, more than once I watched a woman order a half while her male companion ordered a pint, and then he just had to get her another half before he was done with his pint...

...if you're going to drink two halves, order a pint instead. If you're going to drink 3 ridiculous wine glass beers, order a pint instead. If you're worried about being girly, stick to drinking ridiculous alco-pops.

Pint Measure Outlawed?

Slightly off-topic: I thought the EU regulations were going to make selling beer by Pint measure illegal? Is the Pint doomed?

no offence

I don't think common is the worst thing you can call people anyway :)

To be honest I saw that story and wondered where they'd been researching. All the girls I know drink pints on an average night out. Perhaps they have more 'couth up north but down here in the south we comman lasses like our beer.

My apologies

Gurtie, i actually added a line at the end before you posted this. - I meant "as in not uncommon" like it's not exactly an odd occurance to meet a woman that likes a pint.


wow that's flattering

how wonderful to be accused of being common when you haven't even met me yet. lol

Beer in a long stemmed glass sounds a bit offputting really - if I wanted a drink in a wineglass I'd probably, er, drink a glass of wine. There's a time for girlie drinks but there are times when only a pint will do :)


Mrs W (Ivana) is not the jeleous type, in fact, due to my poor eyesight, the last time we were in Amsterdam she was very careful to point out any girls in windows she thought i might like so i didn't miss anything...

And we met at christiania, which was at the time, a place to buy hash, (we had the same favorite dealer) heh...

"wonderful she was, wonderful."

Either you don't want Mrs W to see that remark...

...or it was Mrs W