Is Linking a Sexist Activity?

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Guys Don’t Link
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Very funny post by Shelly Powers via Susan that states that Guys don't link!

She references Google's disastrous Autolink and the way it spread around the web. It's difficult to pull one quote from it, you really have to read the whole thing, and trust me, it's well worth the read. Heres a favorite bit though:

“Larry,” I said. “What is is with guys and links?”

“Well Shelley, statistics–now, don’t worry, I won’t show you any actual values because being a women and all, we know that you can’t do more than count your ten fingers and toes–anyway, statistic show that guys are linked more than women, and link to each other more than they link to women. And when one guy links to another guy, a whole bunch of other guys come along and link them both, and then start linking to each other.”

“I’m aware of the behavior, Larry. But what causes it?”

He beamed at me, patted me on my head and chucked me under the chin. “Why honey, it’s because the male brain is wired for linking!”

So, do guys only link to guys? Load of old bollocks i think, it's just that there are more guys writing about Autolink. Although maybe that's just my perception, as the girls aren't being linked!



Load of old bollocks

Haven't read anything as ridiculous in a while, analysing things in gender terms is often a sign of lack of ability to think. She's got an axe to grind.

One of the link builders I kn

One of the link builders I know uses a female email address, as he's convinced that the response rate is much higher. I'm not complaining. It works for him.

Male and Female Bloggers link to my sites

I've had no problems getting links from men and women ;). Then again it was a man who came up with

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