Untapped Potential of Affiliate Marketing

I came across this nifty little site www.world66.com. Which is basically a wikipedia for travel.

We like to travel. We think travelers are your best source for travel information. That's really what World66 is about. Writing the best travel guide possible together.

You can edit any page you find here and share your experiences; in return anybody can use the collection of travel information here for whatever purpose he or she wants.

But this feature is what really caught my attention. Follow the title link for more.

And for those of you who have a phone with GPRS and know how to roam, please use or XHTML-guide. You can access it at world66.com/alt/xhtml. It automatically starts with the homepage of the country you're in. So if you access it from Marrakesh, it starts with the Morocco page.

It got me thinking about how affiliate marketing can break through to offline purchases.

So lets say you run a site similar to the one above and in this site you have a GPS map similar to the ones they have been using in cars in Japan from sometime.

The surfer uses your map to find Mc Donald’s or a hotel and lets say they pay using their cell phone which is also being tested. Lets also say that some sort of tracking is available that allows this transaction to be recognized by an affiliate network. Presto you have the set up to affiliate market in the brick and mortar stores.

I am not necessarily saying the above scenarios is the way it could happen but given the trend towards handhelds and cashless transactions it could certainly become a possibility.

This is probably what the current fight for local search is all about. This is most likely not news to many here or to me really but it just jogged in my head after seeing this site how little of the potential for affiliate marketing has been tapped.



A *very* good concept i reckon...

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Not really

Sounds like someone is just populating the site for another adsense program. The content is pretty minimal. Good concept though.

Finally - a wiki travel site

Well, there's finally a wiki-powered travel site out there, called world66.com. Sections are put up about countries all over the world, then the visitors themselves are encouraged to add information

i actually did see some time

i actually did see some time ago that shops somewhere (Japan?) were working on banning or disabling cellphones inside the shop, as these were increasingly being used for price comparison.

That is probably Japan. I have the good fortune to be married to a Japanese woman. So I have spent some time there. I really think any one that is seriously doing business on the internet should spend time in Japan seeing what is happening there.

They have a perfect distribution system in the local 7/11. They are every where and function as many things including paying bills for services such as electricity and so on. They can do what cosmo did in the states but not be killed by the small orders as they have all that small junk anyways.

Japan also provides a good lesion in the pitfalls of not understanding the local culture. Ebay went there and then pulled out. The reason they failed is that Japanese hate used stuff. It is a great country for dumpster diving they throw away all kinds of good stuff.

Extreme useful when populated

I tried it out immediately with my Treo when I read it last night. It figured out that I am in the States but there isn't a lot of content for the states when I checked the website - didn't know I was in NY.

I see this being excellent to do a lot of things. Already there are lots of towns where you can pay your parking by mobile (cell, handy) phone and I know someone who is working on a system to pay your bus fare in Ireland using the same device.

in other news

- i actually did see some time ago that shops somewhere (Japan?) were working on banning or disabling cellphones inside the shop, as these were increasingly being used for price comparison. So, the consumer enter the shop, finds the item (s)he's interested in, checks out sizes, colors, etc. - and then places an order on the web in another shop.

Sorry i can't provide a link, it was some time ago.


Not sure about the affiliate stuff as that's really not my area, but i must say, that is one hell of a great looking Wiki!

I've been searching for something that regular joe could understand for some time, i see that runs on Zope which puts it out of my league as you need a dedicated machine for that thought.

Great site though :)