Think Visibility

Saturday, March 2, 2013
Prices range from £125 to £1200
Think Visibility is being sponsored by PaidOnResults and MajesticSEO.

Anyone who has been to Think Visibility in the past will know it is a pretty big deal. But this year is the fifth anniversary, so it is sure to be better than ever. The best UK conference on SEO, affiliates, social media and search marketing, slots are already filling up for seating at the many lectures that are going to be held this year.

Some speakers being featured this year are James Agate, IrishWonder, Necky Naylor and Paul Madden, among others. Topics will be varied, on everything from SEO and Analytics, to PPC and the importance of attribution in the context of profits.

But it won't all be work and technical jargon. Mingle with the crowd and get to know your fellow conference goers at one of the many parties that will be happening during Think Visibility. There will be both a pre and after party, and since the event is being held at the Alea Casino in Leeds, there will be a ton to do when not in lectures.