VoIP to go Mainstream with AOL within a Month

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AOL to Launch Net-Based Phone Service
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Rumours are borne out as AOL chief John Miller announces it's intentions to launch and consumer internet telephoney service within a month:

The AOL offering will compete with traditional telephone companies, cable firms and the dozens of up-and-coming firms that transmit calls over high-speed Internet connections rather than the traditional telephone network.

Customers will continue to use their traditional phones, but they will plug them into adapters connected to their broadband source rather than the jack provided by the telephone company. Calls are received and placed just like on the old telephone network.

Will this pull AOL back from the brink? Yeah, it could do i think...



Vonage is the bomb. I use it, and love it.

I don't have a real phone anymore.

Been doing fine with Xlite and Gossiptel - my communications costs have plummeted to ten pounds a month.

Must be nice....

no broadband here *sigh*.

End in sight for microfilters?

The beginning of the end for traditional phone sockets and the requirement for microfilters to split the phone from the DSL? At this rate, houses will end up with data ports as standard.

The ability to plug traditional phones in sounds pretty cool too. I would suggest the market for computer 'phones' isn't particuarly mature yet. Bring on more of those wireless devices please :)

Well, that's when they bring it over to the UK anyway!

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