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Seth Godin knows how to aquire a little link love from the Search community :) Check out his visual map of where searchers look when viewing results pages.

Nothing earth shattering, but its a very pretty picture...


That is cool...

...also when compared to Eyetrack III.

But in practise it doesn't work wonders for me. Or is that just me? ;-]

It looked familiar...

Hmmmm. I saw that image a few weeks ago. Wonder why it's suddenly being brought up again now on SEW?

Seth sourced it from Search E

Seth sourced it from Search Engine Watch - I guess he's waking up to the importance of search on the web.


Not sure how i missed that if it was on SEW.. no matter, it's a cool pic so im glad i caught it 2nd time around :)

Yup, thanks for that...

...not all of us frequent SEW, you know. This is TW.

Godin is quoting SEW who is quoting Enquiro

Here is the original article (I think) http://www.enquiro.com/eye-tracking-pr.asp.

The most interesting thing I noticed is that 50% of users looked at the search box. Did they forget what they typed in?

That's it - Enquiro

And I read about it at Andy's SEL -- 9 days ago, not quite the "few weeks ago" I thought it was.

well its kinda right...

... but for less than 50% of the population. I bet the stdy did not include any Chinese, Japanese, Korean…

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