Google Caught Cloaking - Keyword Stuffing Titles


Just did a search for traffic estimate.

Look at the title on the 3rd result down, check the cache and then the actual page.

Spot the difference?

Not necessarily cloaking but looks like it to me.

(I assume outing Google aint a problem!)


Are Google Cloaking and Keyword Stuffing?

A short while ago, Threadwatch member Adam_C discovered what for all appearances seems to be Google pulling dirty SEO tactics on it's own pages and thus going against it's own


That's how I grabbed them. Go to the page, set the user agent to gbot, reload the page and voila.

And if I shrink my window, the full contents of the tag won't be visible in the titlebar.

Bad cloaking done badly?

It seems that is cloaking via user agent, not even via ip. So, at least, says my trusted User Agent Switcher extension for Firefox.

shrink your window

so it's about 350 wide before you take the screenshot ;)

Can we get an expert opinion on this?


I've got them

but they're no good at 350px wide... not if you want to be able to read the text.


Can someone get a couple of good screenshots at about 350px wide that show the titles? I can get them, but i cant always get the quality needed to show up text from them (very bad at graphics...)

Since google will probably delete this...

I'll post the differences here. I was referring to stuffing the title tag and not the body.

Cloaked title tag

traffic estimator, traffic estimates, traffic tool, estimate traffic Google AdWords Support ... (/title)

Public title tag

Google AdWords Support: How do I use the Traffic Estimator?

We'll see if they read this stuff here

..see if its altered today!


I've just homepaged this and changed teh title, is there any way this could be a mistake on our part? IE, be a misinterpretation?

The way i see it, even if they are not cloaking, that's one of the spammiest titles i've ever seen, and it sure looks like cloaking to me...

Nice one Adam - what's good for the Goose...

Look at the cached title!

Look at the cached title!

Nice work Adam!


is the kw stuffing? can someone point out to a simpleton like me what i should be looking at please?

3rd result down

That page is #1 here for that search. Same issue with page titles in serps vs on-page as you mention.

edit: bolded, as per below :-)

Ugly keyword stuffing

LMAO That is some ugly keyword stuffing, they should hire a proper seo to help them with "IP delivery" and building "spider food".