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The MSN Search Team are taking a bit of a kickin' in the comments on their blog entry about their SES NYC party.

To be fair, it looks like those doing the kicking weren't invited :)

A 400 person party for a conference that 1500 folks paid good money for is a bogus idea.

As an exhibitor for the event, I was a bit disappointed when we were turned away at the door for not having the invite (we were exhibiting and HAD our passes).

Perhaps you can take a note from Yahoo's excellent staff and throw a more inclusive party in the future with all that extra money laying around.

Your party was incredible bad. Not letting speakers in or letting highly respected people of the industry wait 45 minutes is definetly _not_ the way to go.

Yahoo did a fabulous party - again!

The best part is that the place wasn't even NEAR being full as you were turning people away from the door. Once we finally did get in, I have to see, seeing a half empty bar made the "turndowns" at the door seem all the more insulting.

And, I gotta agree. At least one of the engines there welcomed all the conferences attendees with open arms. The rest of you could take a lesson from Yahoo.

Notice that Yahoo continue to enjoy good webmaster/marketer relations right now, it can't last forever, but they really are riding a wave of good will at the moment.

From the look of the photo, i'd say it looked like fun, but then then i'd be pretty pissed if i was turned away too...


I think it is the new kid at

I think it is the new kid at school syndrome - MSN will get picked on for awhile until they make some personal contacts at these conferences and establish a face. Yahoo was raked over pretty badly when they first launched their own results.

MSN was the worst party I have seen in a very long time

The MSN people at the door were clueless and ended up pissing off many industry leaders. They even denied some people who had invites. The unforgiveable part is that the bar was never full.

The suprise of the week was the party. It turned into a really good party with William Huang singing the worst rendition of YMCA.

Was there a Google party?

Were people sent there automatically when they were at other parties?

That's right

Apparently there were a couple of helpful chaps called larry and sergey at the Y! gig handing out flyers and helpfully pointing out "other parties of interest"



There seems to be a lot of flouncing "do you know who I *am*", "didnt recognise me therefore you are a cock" sort of talk going around :O)

The only people who should get into a party are those with invites (turning away people with invites is dumb, people without invites is .. um, why they invite people?). Your name's not down, you're not coming in. "Industry leaders" sounds like being in favour of a two-tier system to me - chuff that, power to the people ;O)

Google's party

Google had a party at their NY headquarters, it was boring. It was not a big party and was not announced. They had a very large number of security staff on hand to make sure we didn't "get lost" and wander around their offices.

MSN's invite was sent via email and if I remember it said to forward it to friends. As for turning away people without invites, I think that is stupid. Especially if that person is a big time spammer. Do you really want to piss someone off who can spam the MSN Disney serps with porn sites.

Personally I decided along wi

Personally I decided along with a bunch of other "industry leaders" and friends not to go to the MSN party for the one simple reason that we did not want to end up in a long que for a miss-managed event. Most of the people I know MSN would have wante to go there did not go - so who did?

I agree, that the party we (WebmasterRadio.FM and Yahoo) did was much better :)

Google & MSN Party

Google did at least a good job with the guestlist and allowed online registration. That might have been a good idea for MSN as they could print out a list of registered people and know exactly who had an invite and signed up and who didn't.

Yahoo! on the other side threw a fabulous party for the entire industry, which showed that they're really trying hard to establish a good relationship between them and SEMs. They also had a lot of people speaking and walking around during SES.

Ask was really the big winner of this SES party-marathon. Good people, good music, fun, good drinks, ...

Good music?

Didn't Ask have William Hung performing?



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