The RIAA Wants Google To Ignore Bad SEO And Push "Legit" Music Sites Up Above Pirate Sites

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Recently the RIAA complained that Google isn't doing enough to penalize sites that illegally pirate media online. And also claims that Google isn't working hard enough to push legit sites like iTunes to the top. But fear not TechDirt takes them to task with the following:

"For everyone else in the world, if they're not satisfied with how the sites they favor rank in Google, they learn a little something about search engine optimization. But, noooooooo, not the RIAA. They think that it is a requirement that Google be tailored to them directly."

Is anyone else getting tired of old school media not even trying to understand the internet, and then complaining when things don't go their way?


This has been Google's method

This has been Google's method of operation since day 1. It boils down to either of them saying - The way you do business affects our ability to do business in the way we want to do it, you have to change. 

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