Will there be Google Authorship markup to claim non-text content?


Claiming your articles using Google Plus and rel=author is fairly clear: It's old news and many authors are doing that already.

How about non-text content Will photographers be able to claim their photos? Will we be able to claim pdf eBooks? Videos? How might that work?

That's a question Lyndon NA is asking on Google plus:

the focus always seems to be on "text" ... and a fair % of the web is "other".

 Img src: Wikipedia author: MLauba


Is there code that would

Is there code that would allow photographers etc. to claim the content? I really think that should be permitted. A lot of this "other" content referred to here requires just as much skill and creativity to make as any article. I also wonder if such code would discourage others from scraping this content quite so readily.

already there...

but who knows if they heed it.

Google reads the exif data on photos. If they're so inclined, they would certainly be capable of comparing two or more images and determining (only to some degree, granted) the original version.

Personally, I suspect they keep image attribution questions in a bottom drawer.

far in the back.

@DocSheldon come on :)

Google has been able to compare text content for ages and yet they still can't determine the original http://www.threadwatch.org/node/16615

The fact that they can now compare images isn't making them any closer to finding image authors

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