Whats Google Really Care About? Users or Profits?


In a recent article, regular trouble maker, Ben Cook, points out several changes to Google's advertising program, and asks whether or not this is really best for Google's users, like they claim, or rather, best for Google's stock price. Ben writes:

So I'm quite certain that it was for my own benefit that not one, but two Google AdWords Sales Reps Advisers tried to sell me on Duda Mobile's mobile site services even though both sites in question are already sporting a responsive design.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Ben is right? Or has he gone off his rocker again? What are some other ways that Google's "improved user experience" has only served to benefit them?


Of course Ben is right

Since the day Google went public their motivations changed from "let's build awesome stuff!" to "let's maximise profits!". As a publicly traded company, they have a legal obligation to maximise profit.

Now they're trying to walk a fine line between keeping users happy and selling advertising, but as befits a profit-seeking company Google is exploring the boundaries of what they can get away with.

And guess what? They can get away with an awful lot.

Ben's not always off his rocker

Like Barry says, Google is a business and publicly-held... they really have no choice but to put profitability at the top of the list.

They're certainly not the first business to push up-sells. What I find a little disconcerting is that their supposed experts are either unable/unwilling to determine that a site is already responsive before trying to peddle the wares, or just don't care.

With most businesses, I'd be inclined to think it's just mindless script-reading, as a result of a "we don't pay you to think, we pay you to sell" attitude. A lot of the company culture that supposedly exists within Google would seem to make that unlikely in their case, but then, who knows?

Ben does tend to be tad less than objective at times, but in this case, he may be fairly lucid. ;)

I like Ben

His use of sarcasm and irony are Shakespearesque :)

Oh and as everyone has said..

Google stopped caring once they became a listed company.

What I am surprised about is that people continue to believe that they do care! If they cared about the users over their shareholders they would be a heap of trouble with the SEC.

However  the cult of personality that Google has built up over the years is something that people who interact with Google in a normal sense (IE not SEO's) are still influenced by.

Google has their spin men out there spinning away making everyone who doesn't watch them closely feel warm and fuzzy. Even some high ranking SEO's who should know better continue to amplify the effect because they know ordinary web professionals will stop turning up to their conferences if they start taking a negative attitude towards Google.

Oh well the world turns. Hourglass or whatever, so these are the days of our lives.... something like that!

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