Half of Google's traffic comes from partner sites!


Ok this took me a little by surprise. I would have thought the figure would have been much lower. It is a wonder that Yahoo and Bing do not try harder to get in on this action. http://marketingland.com/google-nikesh-arora-33264


This was very surpising as

This was very surpising as well!

If this was Reddit..

You would have just got an up vote ukgimp!

Re: Spam

In Drupal that's called "blocking" (not spamming) and I "block" at least 5-10 users daily.... I am yet to better figure how blocking works though...

Jim mentioned an update to the site. Any idea when?

As subject says. Any Ideas?

Re: changes

They are already being tested. We'll start implementing some nxt week but we don't want to hurry as the site is so old: you touch one thing and see something broken!

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