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Google plan to "retrieve links to product descriptions" reports Washington Post
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here's an article from the The Washington Post which has some interesting quotes.


Mayer confirmed that more auto-links are in the works, likely using other numbers you can already type into Google's query box to get special results. Those include telephone area codes, which link to maps of covered regions, and UPC or bar codes, which retrieve links to product descriptions.

- as far as I know the first confirmation that additional links are under consideration (yes I know it was obvious but still confirmation from Google) and also interesting that they plan to 'retrieve links to product descriptions'. I'd love to know which sites will be supplying the product descriptions?

and G is listening to feedback according to the article

To make clearer how it works, Google is studying possible changes to how new links are presented and to the menu where they are activated.

Already, Mayer said, Google has decided to give users more choices about where the links will go for books and cars, as the result of feedback the company has received from users.

Finally this is interesting for potentially different reasons

Hyperlinking their own content is the best way publishers can prevent Google from adding links to their pages, Mayer said, because Google's technology will not override existing links

. What'll that do to B&N's rankings for ISBN numbers do you reckon :)



Makes Google look very arrogant, doesn't it? After listening to criticisms, they decided to do bring in more. Microsoft got a reputation for abusing their dominant market position. Looks like Google want to follow suit.

My prediction

Anyone who puts in autolink spoiling features will be penalised in the serps. Linking ISBNs will be seen as spam (providing you are not on the "trusted" in-bed-with-google list). G in petulant child mode ..

My toolbar predictions: Barc

My toolbar predictions:
Barcodes take you to froogle ;)
Finds an address and links to its real estate partner ;)

at the moment

a bar code search on Google returns this

According to Google should but don't return the official designated page of the barcode owner. (of course are the only people who can do this ;) - except they don't have that code in their database.

so where on earth could barcodes link to - the biggest thing I can see with this is that very few people use them and therefore not many links will be added to sites but if they link to the G search page I personally would take an ad on the barcode of all the products I sell (which will cost me a penny a click until the rest of you do it too!) and not show the barcode on my site so nothing flows the other way.

Have we had this link yet?

El Reg/Security focus article (with link to TW)


Caught it before it was synicated :)

Wake me up when Microsoft's A

Wake me up when Microsoft's Antispyware program declares the Google toolbar as a rogue app. :)

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