Introduce Yourself Part 3

Following on from Part 1 and Part 2 im happy to kick off the third installment of the "Introduce yourself thread"...

Please introduce yourself if you've not done so already, by telling us who you are and what you do. Drop your website url if applicable but please don't go mad on self promotion :)

I'd also like to ask older members to help pointing to this thread where they see a new member coming in that has not been welcomed - Threadwatch is a friendly place, and welcoming new folks is a nice introduction to what you've made Threadwatch become :: A cool place to hang out with likeminded people...



Kay here. I've been around the internet since, oh, about 1993, when I was anxiously seeking contact with the rest of the world via my public library's connection to All the Gopher Servers in the World. Ah, the heady days of the amber dumb terminal illuminating my off-the-beaten-track life... I lived in northern CA for a bunch of years and in between jobs (I refused to commute to the Bay Area -- the Loma Prieta earthquake was still fresh in everyone's mind, and somehow the idea of being trapped far from home didn't appeal to me -- I've since moved back East ;)

When I was in CA, I picked up some freelance work with a little publishing company in town, called O'Reilly & Associates. They seemed like nice enough people. Little did I know, but my transcription of some of their key interviews with real pioneers in the internet space would clue me in on all the exciting stuff that was happening with TCP/IP, HTTP, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and connecting telephones & modems in top-story apartments in Poland in the middle of the night. In retrospect, the work was priceless in terms of the perspective. At the time, the transcription seemed like a handy way to pass the time between tech writing assignments.

Oh-so-much has happened, since 1993, and I've been building websites since late 1995. I started out all-purpose, then moved more to the coding side, then systems integration, then web apps, and now the joys and frustrations of a purely client-side approach (thank the gods that the technologies I learned in 1997 are now mature -- and respected -- enough to be of good use on regular basis). I work for a Very Large Company, which you have likely all heard of, but shall remain nameless, and when I'm not doing that, I'm blogging or working on my own site(s) or the sites of friends and acquaintances. I did fairly poorly in computer classes in school, and when I started out coding for dollars, I was the only chick for miles around, which doesn't bother me in the least :) I'm one of the folks who was running around in 1996, annoying everyone I knew with insistence that e-mail would really, truly matter before too long. I feel so very vindicated :} And I weathered the stigma of the Heaven's Gate web-developer cult suicide with grace and aplomb ("No, Mom, I'm not *that* kind of web developer! Tell your friends I'm not crazy, and I don't wear that kind of Nikes.")

Anyway, it's good to be here. Looking forward to reading up on everything.

SEO from India

Hi everyone this is Navneet, from I been reading the posts on threadwatch from last 3 months, but never got time to register to post comments. Hey you all know how busy good seo are ;)

I don't know how much I be posting, but I sure will try to my level best to be an active member.


Hi, My name is Flynn, and I'm a raging alcoholic

wrong forum??? oops.

Hi all, I'm Director of SEM for the NYT. Threadwatch keeps it real consistently and thoroughly. It brings in the noise, and when prudent, the funk as well. So I'm joining.

Glad to be here.


I've been reading here for a while now so I thought it was about time I said hello. I'm a random computer programmer type who lives in Edinburgh in sunny Scotland.

I'm trying to cut back on the amount of time I spend on forums and have found Threadwatch to be a huge time saver. Thanks to Threadwatch I have more time to eat, sleep and wear my fake moustache, all of which are very important to me.

erm, me.

I run moblogUK with Mat Brown, I also run palmpixels. SEO is done for us by , ace pals of ours. I'm interested in SEO from an effect as opposed to technical view, although I keep up with algorithm changes and am constantly looking at optimisation methods. I'm a skateboarder and am reckless with it most of the rest of my time, and have a technology fetish it seems.

gerday from barcelona

howdy! my name is loki, aka craig mclaughlan, website is

born in oz and living in sunny spain since 1991.

i've been in website design since 99, yet more and more my time is spent on SEO.

i'm an avid reader and my favourite past-time is writing without capital letters, except when absolutely necesary. my biggest problem is balancing billable hours with research.

glad to be here, can't believe i've never seen TW before.

Ack, ack , ack

Hooooowdy-ho, everybody! Gosh, I sure do like Nicks' new site and all. Its spreading goodwill and cheer, and the REAL meaning of Christmas. Even to Jews, like Kyle.

All together now, "Kyles Mom is a Bitch, in C Minor"


- transmission interrupted on grounds of bad taste -

Hello from Minnesota...

My name is Chris and I am a SEO consultant, but seriously thinking about joining the other side. In fact, it was a post here about our that attracted my attention to your site. This represents our first effort at "verticalised" engines that coincides with our image of the future where many will go to G and Y to find the best in vertical sites for what they want... We also run a small directory as well, and I can tell you that being involved with these types of sites really changes your prespective as a SEO...

Anyway, we not only belong to, but also started the organization that was mentioned in the post. It's intended to bring SEOs and search engine owners together to try and improve the industry. There's information on the site if you are interested...

Man, I was just scaning some of the posts above mine... very cool, interesting people! If anyone wants to chat SEO, share ideas, leads, or whatever, please contact me. We like to share, and give away copies of our SE submission list. If anyone is interested just let me know.


hello from kozoru

Hey all, my name is Justin and I work at a technology company in the states (Kansas specifically) creating a new QA system for search. I'm pretty much the marketing and PR monkey for the company, but I promise no shameless self-promo. I've been following Threadwatch nearly since the beginning, but only recently decided to register...a huge oversight on my part. I'm really enjoying what Nick and crew are doing here, and I can only imagine it'll get bigger and bigger. Keep up the great work.


I've been putting this off...

Oh hell why not.

seomike here, not to be confused with another SEOMike at wmw (hey I checked the dates I used the name first) anyways I work for the sweetest seo company, SEO Advantage out of Tampa Florida. I run the design and programming aspects of the company as well as manage the internal websites. As per the team I work with they are pure forum trolls they love to read so I guess that makes me the spokesman for the company. But here we are anyways:
Stone >> Bossman and seo guru
Pat >> the Optimization Queen
Pete >> the link boy as well as affiliate/directory site builder
Lisa >> Copywriter, MBA, PPC ad optimizer and blog editor
Chaitanya >> Senior programmer developer database administrator
me >> I do pretty much all the above and design all the sites, prep them with initial optimzation as well as clean up the crappy html when new clients come in (html garbage man) plus I program all the tools we use and of course do all the mod rewrites.
Kane(dobberman) >> Guard Dog
Nemo(australian sheppard) >> squirrel chaser
Chocolate(cockerspaniel) >> half blind lizard catcher (record 0 - 98745433) she's not very good :)
Ciccio(Amer.Bulldog) >> My loyal footwarmer :)

Hello threadwatch

HI everybody my names Ben I work and live all the way down in a country the south pacific called New Zealand. I primarily do Flash Development and SEO (I know that’s a weird combination).
This is defiantly my favourite news site thanks

fizzing media

researching my novel


i'm a freelance copywriter who does a lot of work in interactive, but also more traditional stuff too.

good to keep up with latest news and views. and nice to meet you all.


Technically Challenged

I got involved with online bulletin boards in 1986, and used Fidonet to stay in touch with friends after moving far away from Vancouver. Spent time on the PR SIG of CompuServe for a while, managed a trade association communications department through the launch of an intranet, extranet, web site and web site development/hosting service.

My next gig was more hands on, running a web service team for a financial institution during the introduction of a content management process and a few other things. I was researching SEO for the last company I worked for, and bought Aaron's SEO book. I help maintain a web site for a non-profit association I belong to, and now write a blog on PR, marketing and sometimes technology.

Despite all this experience, I'm primarily a content person with almost no HTML or other technical skills.

I keep an eye on TW through my RSS feed reader, and haven't been very involved in discussions so far. Hope to spend a bit more time here. Here's my blog:

Hi everybody

I'm a Montreal, Quebec Web marketing consultant since 96, I post on many forums (WmW, Cre8, SeW) on the nick Allergic or InLogicalBearer (a anagram of my name).

Peeking out of the shadows to say "Hi."

Recommended to this site by Mr. Ploppy. I've been checking in on it every once and again, and then someone (Mr. Ploppy) told me about bloglines, and I've been checking in a few times a day after subscribing to Threadwatch. Trying to read as much as I can.

I run a site with my father that we started in early December '04 - I'd love to leave the day job if my site does well, so we're putting every effort towards it (as much as a team of two can) to make it successful.

Back to the shadows...


IncredibleHelp, Jaanis, KBK Marketing

Hello everyone,

My name is Jaan Kanellis. I started in web marketing in 1999. Started off with local design work and was offered a job to start building web pages for a local SEO start up in my home town of Toledo, Ohio. Worked there for 4 years and went on my own. I have been much happier conducting what I consider "normal" SEO since leaving the local SEO start up. Soon after I left the company was bought up by a larger marketing group from NY who was basically only buying the client list and some minor technology.

I participate in many forums, but I love the way Threadwatch works. I get much of my SEO news from this website comparable to any other forum. Post happen fast and often and keeps everyone in the loop of SEO and any other related marketing techniques. Kudos to Nick and whoever else that run this website.

My website is

Caveman here...

Hi all,

Got my start on the Web back in '00, when I founded my own Web publishing and marketing services company...advertising, affiliate stuff etc. Run well over 200 sites now. Prior to that, spent some 20 years in the big NYC ad agency environment, working with mega clients. That was fun, but 20 years is enough of most things, and certainly advertising is among them.

However, I couldn't stay away from media altogether I guess, so now I'm working my second career as a Web dude. Spend my time between NYC and West Coast mainly ... poking and jabbing at everything I see along the way. Worst problem: Too much curiousity ... but not enough time. :)

I try to restrain myself from positng on too many forums, but this one is too damn good to ignore. Very nice job Nick! ;-)

Hey Folks

I already know a bunch of the folks here by sight, nick, rep or color of hat. Good to find where some very good people are hanging out.

I run some sites of my own and manage a few others. All white hat now (well, some checkerboard), though I'm proud to say I'm authorized to wear the official "I survived being banned by Google" T-shirt. (Yes, you can pay the rent with MSN alone.)

For the personal stuff, NYC born, bred and can't get away from it. Over 50, going on eight years in the game and looking to retire by 60 unless I learn some really neat new tricks.

Hi Yogi the Boredguru here!

Hi all
I am Yogi. I am not a professional by any right. But i love the internet and what it has to offer.
I am 23 Yrs old (really i feel a lot older than that).

I like books and music (Pink floyd a lot)
My fav books are The Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead. Seems like they spoiled me enough that i quit college in the final sem.


Found this site after some searching. Then I got threadwatch-dotted...

Interesting topics here.

Among other things, I'm a spamhunter. Fun stuff...

Yo yo, all

Hi there. I'm a webmaster, web designer, web marketer, IT manager and sometime desktop publisher. Obviously, it's a fairly small organization I work for. Upstate New York is where I reside. That's about all I have to say right now. :-)

Oh yeah, web links! Here's where I do the self-promotion thing:

Nick, great site! I love it. Keep up the good work. Ye-ha for less noise and more signal.


Hi there my name is Damien Guard and I'm a software developer living on a tiny island between France and England.

I've previously rambled on Slashdot, my blog and my website... Now it looks like I'll be rambling here too ;-)


Heh ... we bloggers with "pla

Heh ... we bloggers with "planet" in our domain names have to stick together.

Hello I'm Ozh

Hello there. I'm Ozh, I am not related with the SEO business, except maybe for being the starter of the controversial "online poker" googlebombing that made me post here when TW was slashdotted about it.

I'll keep an eye on TW since things related to Google always interest me (again, on a personnal level, not professional), and since it made me discover this excellent off-topic sensible blog that's now in my blogroll :)

And I like pie too.

Site Search

Hi somerset, the best way at present to find stuff is use the site search link at the top.

Threadwatch isn't really geared to 'teaching' those new to the net, as it's primary audience is professional internet marketers, you are of course, welcome to read here and follow the links, which should start to make sense after a while :)

The best way of following TW is through the RSS Feed - you can find a quick primer with links to more information in The 10 Minute RSS Primer - Getting up to Speed with Bloglines and do check the comments for more links.

If you're really looking for a good starting place on for "web newbies" try the New to Web Development forum at webmasterworld.

Thanks, and welcome to TW all that have signed in since i last posted here...


a.k.a. Everyman, Doofus, Snafu, Kackle, Scarecrow (all but the last have been kicked out of Webmasterworld over the last three years).

Also known as Daniel Brandt, google-watch*org, scroogle*org, namebase*org, cia-on-campus*org, etc.

I don't like ecommerce in general, I don't like affiliate spam in particular, I don't like SEOs who namebomb me, I don't like U.S. foreign policy, and I have yet to find a blog that is worth reading more than once a month.

I'm fairly tolerant of everything else.

I said that Google was broken back in June 2003, and now I believe that it's more broken today than it was 21 months ago.


Hi to all my name is Syd Hoyle, as with Derek Above have no connection with the web, got a laptop as an upgrade to a few small psions that I had.

Just been trying to get my head around the www, dont understand all the talk here, seo, som, and so on, just ended up on this site I think from google, have read some posts and find that there is a way to make some money.

Come from Somerset in the UK, spent a life time in the employment of queen and country, and discharged on med grounds from injury received in combat.
Really hope to learn and earn, have registerd some names for websites on domains, but dont have a clue, see a lot of affiliate words banded about, maybe some members can point me in direction.
Very happy to be here and when I understand it all will be very gratefull, but thanks to Nick for this site.


My name is Derek Meister and I have no connection with the web development industry whatsoever outside of the fact that I have a website that I use for my own amusement.

However, as a former member of one of the psychological warfare (not my site) units in the United States Army, I'm interested in, if not outright amused, at discussions of how companies, organizations and individuals can influence people through the technology and/or content of the web.

Despite coming from a long-running military family, I am (mostly rational) moderate-lefty, pro-consumer, anti-corporation, softy at heart, but am not above taunting of wacky extremists on any side of any issue.

I like pie.


My name is Bruno Bornsztein, my main project online is Feedmarker, a free, web based RSS reader and bookmarks manager with tagging. I'm interested in social software, blogs and communications.
I'm from Minnesota and studied journalism, so I am a web developer by hobby, not by training.
I keep up a blog at where I try to post about developments to Feedmarker and other stuff I find around the web.
Glad to be part of the site.

G'Day from NYC

I should have filled this out a long time ago, but when adding a thread just came across it. I have enjoyed the comraderie and informative subject matter immensely.
Will try and get a little more active.


Hi, I'm Greg Duffy. I came here originally because of a link to my Google Print scandal :-p

I'm currently a student in Texas, but I have a good deal of industry experience.

Threadwatch managed to dredge out my site for the Google Print thing, so I'm looking forward to many more interesting posts.

Nice to meet you guys! Be on the lookout for more of my scandalous articles in the near future ;-)

/me adds threadwatch to newsreader



So, you want to know...

Been involved in this web one way or another since '98...

Somewhere along that road I learnt how to sustain myself and my family from websites....

Tripped across threadwatch several times know and recognize/know many of the names posting here, so feel comfortable being here.

I breed American Bulldogs as a hobby and they were my entry into the www.

Nick, I think this is a fascinating site, really hit the mark, it does everything you intend it to.

Ok, Ok, if you insist...about me...

I am a used-to-be ColdFusion web developer, who decided doing SEO work was more fun and entertaining than writing long boring dreary code. I've been doing my own sites for a few years now, and take on the occasional client, but not very often. There is just not enough time in the day to do much more. I'm a mod over at SEO Chat, and I've been a lurker here at Threadwatch since it began. I can always count on Threadwatch to keep me entertained. I decided it was time to become a member when I had the urge to make a comment on the autolinks spoof video. Nick, you do a great job and have created a unique community. Congrats on that. I'm sure I'll be mentioning Threadwatch again and again in my blog - that is.

And a bit about me...

I'm Paul, a latecomer. I've been hanging around the fringes of seo for a couple of years, long enough to know a few of the people here, and to know that they're a great bunch. The best thing I've got out of seo is the people I've met at pubcons and less 'organised' meet ups.

My favourite seo pursuit is building tools. Unfortunately I program in java and havn't the patience to build nice user interfaces so its not easy for me to share what I build. One of these days I'm going to knuckle down and learn PHP and some windows programming to solve that problem...probably.

I have a bad habit of going in too many directions at once to ever do one thing well, but it keeps life interesting. I used to be a freelance artist, portraits and murals, and I think I'm going to go back to that sometime soon.

I doubt I could ever completely give up messing around on the web since its too much fun, but hopefully you'll all still talk to me if and when I'm mostly juggling paint brushes instead of HTML and java code.

Nick is a great bloke and I hope this site grows and becomes an even bigger success for him than it already is.

Conversely, and for purely selfish reasons, I hope it stays small and intimate enough to feel like home.


yeo threadwatchers, EliteWeb aka Nick R here, been liven the life of a seo for some years running a few hundred sites and am now the CTO of a search engine and directory we've been worken on.

Nick W, great site, its a daily hit for me.

Couldn't Resist..

Hi All,

I couldn't resist being at the top of this new page!
My name is Jonathan Clark and I run Webmaint and build websites for fun and money. Have been doing both since 1998.

Great resource Nick - thanks :-)