Introduce Yourself Part 3

Following on from Part 1 and Part 2 im happy to kick off the third installment of the "Introduce yourself thread"...

Please introduce yourself if you've not done so already, by telling us who you are and what you do. Drop your website url if applicable but please don't go mad on self promotion :)

I'd also like to ask older members to help pointing to this thread where they see a new member coming in that has not been welcomed - Threadwatch is a friendly place, and welcoming new folks is a nice introduction to what you've made Threadwatch become :: A cool place to hang out with likeminded people...


Welcome all! This thread now

Welcome all!

This thread now closes, and we start Part 4!

Keyword Advertising

Staying on top of the effects of the recent change at Google Adwords led me here and prompted me to register. I specialize in creating, optimizing, and managing Keyword Advertising campaigns aka Pay Per Click (PPC) and strive to find ways to make them keep working in spite of changes like this one.

marketing biz

Hey there.

Just got into the SEO, internet marketing game about 3-4 weeks ago. Don't have much of a background in tecchy, my expertise comes from telesales and timeshare marketing. Now am doing "SEO/Internet revenue generation" for the same company.

Anyways, it's not my style to nose around and wait for the info to come to me, and I think forums are the best places to learn.

Looking forward to trying something a little more white hat...


is pretty much what I am or do. Always looking for ways to promote and protect our web sites.

This forum looks 'very' interesting, and I would love to know the outcome of the Google Bombing.... We have created a buzz word in our registered trademark :-) that has caught the attention of many who use it to steal traffic...:-( but by same token ends up a reference link to us. Not sure if the last statement is good or bad, guess it depends where it comes from.

I'm Ruben from Spain. I'm

I'm Ruben from Spain. I'm Just an internet addict.
I'm also the admin of one spanish seo forum.


If you mean mine, I have it on google answers and on several columns over the years but it came from having written a very (VERY) early game column for Tandy Color Computers.


International woman of mystery here!

Love that nickname :)

Love that nickname :) Welcome to TW SS and all those that have signed in since i last posted here.

If you've not signed in here, please do, it's my favorite thread!


These days I do cyberterrorism research for a newsletter but also have an eBay store and am going to start marketing two new sites of my own:

I've been published 17,000 plus times (including five books) and started programming computers in 1963 (IBM 1401)

My first major PC-related writing was doing large multiple item comparison reviews for the original Byte.

I also do some commercial site development, mostly for local businesses and I've been asked to give some advice on marketing the new search engine

In my copious free time I raise miniature horses and miniature donkeys.

Just caught this blog on a top ten list and had to check it out.

Hello all,
Thomas here to say thank you for a generous welcome. I'm here to learn and help from the southeast, in Savannah, GA.

Keep It Rolling

Nick Sahadi at your service and attention from deep in the heart of Texas.

Glad you found Ian


Hi guys! I've been reading this blog for a while and find it really interesting and now have joined up. I run the backlink advertising network AdCaliber .


Hi all, I am an IT grad with a few yrs exp now. I just liked the content so wanted to post a couple of replies, thats all. I pimp my skills at



Me! ;)

Hi Folks,

Scott here from Edinburgh.

Just registered here, but have lurked about for a while and recognise a tonne of tags from WmW and SEW. Been in the biz for a few years now, currently work as a campaign manager for a SEM firm.


Another Aussie

While I had seen TW once or twice, it took me until now (IT Missing thread) to realise what I was missing by not making time to be here.

By day I run an SEO department for a large Aussie domain registrar in Melbourne and at night I read or post at WW and do some of the nefarious things that my fellow WW members do. It was great to meet many of them last week in New Orleans.

I am also a veteran of the PC user group movement (22 years) and have been active at the local and international level. I write for computer magazines (user group and commercial).

If any TW or WW members are visiting Melbourne, let's meet up for a coffee!


Hi all

I only joined because I am concerned over Ian Turner's whereabouts...

Hello there

Roy from Sheffield, UK here. Recently joined this site. I am an IT graduate currently looking for work. In my spare time I maintain a website for the [url=""]British Othello Federation[/url] amongst other things.

Great work

Ove here from Sweden.

And DaveN i think you are a skinny guy :-)

There are no real men under 100.


Ok about me.

Hi all,
My name is Alistair McIntyre although Mack will do.

I live on the west coast of Scotland and have been involved in web development since early 1999. Most of the sites I have built are my own. Although I do freelance design and seo projects when ever possible.

:) Hey everyone!

Hi, I'm new to your site... looks really great from what I've been reading so far. I thought I'd introduce myself, I'm Steve and I manage a wholesale sunglass business at I look forward to picking up some information that can help us out with the whole internet business thing. Thanks for welcoming us! Peace!

Great site...just great.

New Threadwatch member, longtime Threadwatch reader. Sent a message to
Nick yesterday who graciously posted a reference to our site. Currently
marketing - an ad campaign pausing service that works
with Adwords, Yahoo/Overture and 7Search. That's it - see you soon.

Free-lance marketing writer introducing myself...

Hello, all; my name is Bob Scheier, a veteran IT trade press editor (PC Week, Computerworld) now a free-lance writer for both trade pubs and for vendors (writing white papers, case studies, and other marketing collateral.) I'm exploring using RSS feeds for lead generation purposes, and would like to hear from anyone who has done this, would like to, or who can point me to good CRM or other tools to track individual reader habits for lead generation and market research. I'm interesting in providing readers with HIGH-QUALITY content focused on their needs -- giving them the power to choose stories for themselves in return for receiving contextual ads or special offers.

Drop me a line if this is of interest -- further details on my Web site at

Cheers to all...


New Kid On The Block

I have been an independent consultant for two years providing internet marketing, web strategy and business analyst services. So joining this forum is a no brainer for me.

I hope to expand my skills and expertise by sorrounding myself with professionals that are as passionate as I am about making the best use of the internet, both in marketing and operations.

My url is I am currently working on a redesign that I hope to rollout in Q2.


Hi, I'm Adam. One of the Wikispaces guys.

Old Welsh Guy motivates his butt and joins

Something I should have done a long time ago, but didn't :)

I am OWG proper name is James Christopher Edwards, some call me James, others call me Chris, depends how loing you have known me and if you grew up with me or not lol. I run a marketing business in the Uk called Umbrella Consultancy. We mostly specialise on web marketing seo/sem , but as I come from a sales and marketing background we pretty much can organise offline and online stuff, so it is always fun.

I mod at a couple of forums both large and small from busy ones like highrankings forum down to itty bitty Uk ones like ukwebmasterworld . I love rugby, and most of my Saturdays are spent enjoying it in one form or another.


I'm one of the founders of Cohack. We offer a PPC reporting tool for all kinds and sizes of online businesses. Before that I was a freelance web developer. I'm a standards+unix tools kind of guy. Since starting Cohack I've learnt a shedload about marketing, both online and traditional and I've come here to learn more really.

oh, and I hate country music.

hey all,

I've been working in seo since '99 and while I'm a world-class lurker @ places like WMW and SEW, I rarely post, mostly because I don't have time to follow threads to their agonizing deaths, and I often grow weary of the "it happened to me, so it's universal" algo mindset. I like TW mostly because Nick curses frequently and unapologetically.



My name is Andrey Milyan and I run SEMBooster, SEM resource website. This is my first time visiting threadwatch but the site looks great and I'm sure I will be visiting it often in the future.


TW recently mentioned a post of mine on 302 web page hijacking.

I couldn't resist the urge to chime in and disagree with everyone, so I registered.

I make fine art prints, host a website for an artist or two, and think some day I'll actually make a reasonable amount of money from affiliate programs.

Hello Hello...

Hi Threadwatch Members. Nick and the many others who regularly contribute here, thanks for doing so -- though I just signed up for an account I've been lurking here for quite some time and have learned quite a bit! I regularly read other SEO and Marketing forums but always check Threadwatch first! Currently researching a niche market to open my first eCommerce store. If anyone has any reputable drop shipping sources (besdies Chris Malta's list), drop me a line. Thanks for reading, and I look forward to being a part of the community here!

Hi from me

Got pointed here through a thread at Webmasterworld (no, not through a link), and really enjoy the atmosphere here.

I'm working on a cms system in a Danish defence authority, and got in on the project so late that I now have to try getting the whole thing just reasonably seo'd. Considering the size and previous experience of the consulting firm that built it, it's amazing that you can be so unaware of seo needs in this day and age.

Anyone considering local meets in Copenhagen???

SEO for Rent

Hi All,

I've been doing professional SEO sinc '97 ( and blogging since late last year ( Just recently downloaded a blog reader to keep up on what everybody else is saying and I now my already long day of sorting through various forums, making (hopefully) relevant post, blogging, writing articles and now blog reading, has just gotten longer. Oh, yeah, can't forget about my clients!

Keep up the great work!

Cold in Edinburgh

so it is 13 years since I first started working around the web with conferences at the ICA in London. Since then I have built a new media centre, done some cultural stuff, some commercial stuff, had a family and just watched things go round. I built the 45th website in the UK and still build them in the same crappy text way as always


Hi. I'm a student at UC Davis. I read threadwatch all the time, but haven't had the time to make an account, or it could be that I'm that lazy enough to not do so.

Greetings from the UK

Started off as a PHP developer, however over the last three of four years drifted more and more towards SEO/M, as I personally find it far more challenging and ultimately rewarding.

After years of doing SEO for other people have finally started my own business, which has now joined forces with another organisation, the E-Gain partnership.

Hello all

?Been lurking here for some time, you have done a good job here Nick.

As some of you know, I do a little SEO.

I have been actively involved in SEO for so long now my mind and ?attitude have become warped.

Big Turn off - Pretend SEO's.

Big Turn on - Number one spots in google.

Greetings from LA

I'm Ed from LA and am a Los Angeles based photographer with a web presence for local searches. Since the net has proved such a valuable venue, I have been learning about SEO since February and hope to take over maintance of my site in the next few months. So, I am a neophyte and for the moment have little to contribute to your conversations but questions.

I thank you all for patience and generous information.


Greetings form Thailand

I'm Mark, from America now living in Thailand. Decided to retire early when the downturn hit the electronics industry in the U.S. back in 2002.

I keep pretty busy in my "retirement" with mostly offline activities. But I also build and maintain an odd website now and then, and try to keep up with all the changes in the business. I also have a little translation business that puts spending money in my pocket and provides a lot of entertainment - interesting to read all peoples trials and tribulation which they trust to you when they need it translated. Mostly it gives me a low opinion of so many people. But on the other hand I'm acquiated with so many good people over here.

If only this country would catch up on broadband. Only this year did it start to become widely available and then only in major city centers.


My name is Jack and I am a retired Advertising Guy who writes a little, draws a little, does graphics pretty well, takes great pictures with my Nikon digital, and would like to learn how to 'really' do a website.

I think I can learn something here.


Hello World!

My name is Brian. I am from Arizona and I have been doing affiliate marketing/website publishing for a couple years now. I started building sites as a freshman in high school (1995) when my dad came home with the instruction manual for Netscape that included tutorials on how to write HTML. My first experience with SEO was in 1999, but I didn't realize I was actually doing SEO. It was just an assignment I was given to do as part of building a site for the construction company I was employed by. In 2002, I took a job as a programmer for an affiliate network and learned about affiliate marketing. Since then I've been trying to learn as much as I can. I post a little at WebmasterWorld under the alias AZEvil, but that name is a throwback to a paintball team I used to play for and I'm trying to work away from it. The information here on Threadwatch is so much easier to work through, so I've been lurking here for a few months. I don't post much because I am in awe of the knowledge that others have and I don't like to shoot off my mouth about things I don't know.

I work for myself and I prefer it to be that way. If anyone is around Arizona and wants to chat over a free beer, let me know. I'm always looking for like-minded people to hang out with. I don't get out of my dungeon often enough :)


Good afternoon Threadwatchers. My name is Jay, and I am an account executive at a prominent search engine marketing firm in Pittsburgh, Pa. I've spent my first four professional years out of college working in Internet marketing for a variety of Pittsburgh advertising agencies and web shops. I'm a relative newbie to Threadwatch; I've been checking it out since about February. I also run a side-by-side blog with a buddy called Give it a look.

Greetings and salutations

Advisor, blogger, wannabe weblog network creator from Western Australia. I edit The Blog Herald and reluctantly registered here some time ago because despite being a conscientious objector to having to register on any site, I couldn't help myself in wanting to add the odd comment. Still trying to work out whether Nick sees Threadwatch as Slashdot, The Register or a mutated yet superior version of both of them. Am regarded by some as mad, particularly by the employees of SixApart, and by others as an evil genius. My wife on the other hand just wishes I'd spend less time on the computer.

Intro in a nutshell

Brit based in Seattle for 11 years: worked in tech PR for Visio and Visual FoxPro, moved to, now enjoying self exploring potential of blogs, blog communities, and general access to info'. Found this excellent site while looking into chameleon reader.

Howdy from Texas

Long time lurker, first time caller...err, poster...

Been creating and buying search engine real estate for the last few years. Started Scoreboard Media Group, , a couple years ago and take on 10-20 select SEO/SEM projects a year.

I see a few familiar faces and names around here and I hope to make a few more familiar at future industry events.

Thanks to Nick for creating a great resource for those of us who are tired of reading PageRank Update and Link Exchange threads!

A guy newer to this web frontier but a long tradition of musing

Hey guys, hardly had a chance to look around, but I stumbled on the "trustrank" issue I was typing a post on an curious to what else was being said. Look forward to another source of dialogue to inform and vet my wild ideas.


Heh - good to see you Ann.... and how's Vegas these days?

Late to the party...again

Since I recognize at least 25% of the names here, I'm guessing at least some of you know who I am. I didn't even know this site existed until I followed a link from DG's blog. I've been less enamored of SEO lately, so all I've really done is Foo'd & blogged. I like Starbucks, staying up late, sleeping in and checks in the mailbox. I check my stats, but I've bought glass etching and dye sub equipment in hopes of spending some quality time offline. Due to the NHL lockout, I've also become addicted to fantasy football & baseball to fill the Leafs void in my life.

Designz- New Kid on the Block

Hi - Just stopped in from deep in the Louisiana
Im Tina in house marketing director for an international hardware company. Just landed my feet in the door to discover one of my main priorties is search engine optimazation. Im actually a graphic designer but I have been devouring SEO info since the early days of Wilson Web so now is my chance to shine :) I here to learn from the masters Ive been told....

Lair of the Old Crusty SEOs

I've been wondering where all of the old school SEOs have been hanging out - now I guess I know. :)

I started doing SEO back in 1999 with what was at the time the largest interactive agency in the US. Six years and 3 mergers later that agency is history – although the eTrade statements for my options there still give me a good laugh each month. Good thing they don’t bill me for the cost of that stamp. ;p

Now I run my own SEO agency - I specialize mostly in client work in the healthcare industry since that’s my academic background (physiology/life science research).

The caliber of the experts here looks very promising – reminds me of WMW in the early days. Looking forward to contributing to a lot of good discussion here.

Been lurking for a month or two

Every once in a while I feel like chiming in, so I finally joined. Love reading SEO stuff, but usually when I finally get it all figured out, they've already changed the rules. :-)