G+ second largest social network?


Apparently G+ is the second largest community. Wish TW had a voting  package installed so we could see how many readers accept this as true. 

Personally I believe that G+ does have a huge non active user base. However the active user base is just not there. My SEO friends and some other professionals I know through my job are on G+. However 0 real freinds are on G+ they are all chatting away happily on FB.


The 40+ client accounts I run

The 40 or so G+ client accounts I run by myself all agree with the stats.

Based on count of heads that appear at least once per month

The more interesting data would be total number of visits per month or total numbers of pageviews on the social media by month.  Perhaps different social media have different intensities of use - I'm sure they do.  My guess is that this would favor Google Plus even more.

I doubt G+ has more hits

Youtube would have lots of hits but G+ would have no where near FB probably not even close to twitter. The only reason the G+ numbers are so high is that they count every hit to gmail and possibly most of the secure searches as a social hit. Obviously these sorts of hits are not true social uses. 

A better measure would be track true Social activity (ie messaging friends,sharing photo's with family etc) . My guess is that FB has a greater ratio of this kind of activity than G+. As it is mostly professionals, SEO's and Google employee's that use G+. The run of the mill web users see's G+ as that annoying thing that Google keeps shoving in their face. 

It is apt that this is the front page of Reddit at the moment http://www.reddit.com/r/AdviceAnimals/comments/17hmpv/fucking_youtube/

The stats are all

The stats are all percentages. That should be a big clue that you're looking at someone actively trying to skew the data. Objective it ain't.

Google+ Plus Everything Google

Isn't pretty much everything Google combined into Google+ these days? Search, Local, the Play Store, etc.? I think this would be news if they passed Facebook, but alas, that will be a while in coming. 

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