Yahoo! Contextual Ads for Blogs and Small Publishers

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Yahoo's Contextual Ads in the Wild
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Back in November we reported on a rumour that Yahoo were considering an Adsense style system for small publishers.

This now appears to be true, in fact, there is some pretty compelling evidence being presented at Waxy

Ken Rudman is a product manager at Yahoo-owned Overture, and his blog features contextual Overture ads throughout. His homepage shows the vertical two-ad format, monthly archives show a three-ad horizontal format, and individual entries show another variation of the horizontal format. The ads have decent relevancy, especially considering its early state.

As Andy points out, the JS generating the iframe that contains the ads is hosted at overture and the url refers to YPN - Yahoo Publishing Network anyone?

The relevancy seems a bit off, but lord knows we need a viable alternative to adsense!


Bring it on

I have wayyyyy too much money tied up with my adsense banners - I'll be sending at least 30% Y!'s way just to diversify my risk.

More good news for spammers

They can spread their risk also. Bugger.

I agree UK

One should spread risk in everything - except marriage, probably. I can just see all the php spammer jockeys getting everything set up to bring the Yahoo ads in. They will now also probably do RSS feeds of their spam sites and stick kanoodle advertising in those as well.

Thank goodness...

As someone who tries to avoid affiliate ads on non-commercial sites, AdSense presents a way to claw back costs and even generate a little revenue. But Google's sole presence in this publishing market has been worrying for some time. Brilliant to see Yahoo! finally getting out there for it while we wait to see what Microsoft's offering will be like.

Someone should warn the investment markets - the Google honeymoon is already over.


I'm only guessing here, but the yahoo index is being filled with sites with adsense and hence yahoo is effectively giving google money.

Google release their api, hence allowing people to build sites really easily, of course google know this is going to happen, but google will have the original raw data and hence will probably be able to spot lots of these sites and remove them, Yahoo won't be able to stop them

If I was in Yahoo's shoes what would I do. I'd create my own api so the scrapers can dumpt stuff into google, as I have the original raw data I should be able to stop most of these rubbish sites getting into my index.

The missing part of the jigsaw if I am Yahoo it would be good to make money from my content being dumped in google. How do I do that if I own a company like Overture, who frankly can be a pain to get sites approved, but try to keep the quality of sites they put their code on. I know what I'd do I'd change the name of Overture, and the way the company works, and allow me to launch a new product like adsense.


I just read... that Overture changed its name to Yahoo Search Marketing Solutions. Dunno if it's true (what do I know about that) but the post is there...

Good timing ;-]


You didn't think we'd not cover that did you Wit?

I expected... scoured, but couldn't find it, Nick...

...then again the title was a bit cryptic and way down page two of the all recent posts list.

But cool: now we all know.

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