TheVerge's Joshua Topolsky Blames Huffington Post for Google's Awful Relevancy


Raise your hand if you are a video game nerd.

Keep it up if you are over 30.

Hand still up?


Then this is the article for you, covering the rise and fall of arcades in the United States.

It features amazing formatting, an original topic, original research & great depth. It is published on a site with over 60,000 unique linking domains linking into it.

And in spite of dropping what must have been at least $5,000 researching & writing that masterpiece, TheVerge now ranks #3 for searches driven by their own article.

How long will publishers be able to afford to rank 3rd for their $5,000 articles, when Google keeps pumping up the rank of the $20 rehashes?

Good job on the authority bias, Google. Keep dialing that up ... it is clearly creating a great incentive structure for publishers.

What's awesome for Google in this sort of interaction is that though they are entirely responsible for the problem, they get none of the blame. Clever.


Authority/brand != relevancy

Aaron this goes back to our constant back and forth regarding the fine line between leaning on authority/brand to weed out junk and the liklihood that overreliance on such a thing will result in abuse. Clearly Google has gone way too far in recent years by ranking huge brands with overly thin (and often scraped/repurposed) content at the expense of the people that actually did the creating.

In some serps where Penguin's heavy hand has drastically altered the landscape, we find that parasitic hosting is the only way to rank if you aren't one of 2 or 3 brands or are an outright hacker taking ownership and 301ing to a new domain. Should a parasitic page on domain with higher "authority" outrank a truly relevant source that was aggressive on acquiring links? I'm in the camp that it should not, but I suppose Google feels differently. After all, it is easier to disintermediate entire industries at a time by destroying all the smaller players and then focusing on one frenemy.

HuffPo changed article after complains by TheVerge

And they have changed their way.. link

I miss arcades

I know this is not the purpose of this thread, but damn, I miss the old school arcades.

That was a great article about the history of it all. It makes me long for the days I'd shovel snow all day to buy Atari 2600 games.


Arcades = making a comeback

There's a bunch of new school/old school arcades coming out in a few cities. Old games, pinball, a handful of newer games. Beer, and in some cases a full bar (quarters won't keep you in business in 2013). And none of the cigarette burns on the machines from the mall days.

Some you should check out:

Ground Kontrol - Portland, OR.

The 1up and The 2up - Denver, CO.

Barcade - Philly PA and Brooklyn, NY

Quality arcade in Austin

Thanks Matthew - I recently found a great arcade near me in Austin, TX called Pinballz Arcade.

Huff & The Verge

The AOL Way??? That document died a death almost 2 years ago... It was pre-Huff, and not one person has been "AOL Way" certified since Huff was purchased, so to use a screenshot from that... *sigh*  

Can't even believe...

This is still not sorted out, come one big G !


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