Yahoo introduces new directory structure - Bad for SEO's


Yahoo has changed how they present directory listings - their listings are now paginated accross multiple pages. Here is an example.

Remember those $300 bucks you paid for a listing? Well, if your category has more than 40 sites in it -- the dinero you spent is now wasted.


Yahoo Statement

They send out the statement when you sign up for the listing. I just can't figure out if the link with all the:


mess in there will actually count as a link with Google. That is what I am going for?

Not much different than the Google directory?

Seems kind of the same-old to me.

Google directory?

Google Directory is just DMOZ (Delusional Moderators On Zoloft)

How did you phrase the questi

How did you phrase the question?


So if they're default sorted by popularity I assume that means clicks on the links in the actual directory?

Hmm, wonder which sites are going to continue to get the most clicks regardless...

No shit -- the rich become ri

No shit -- the rich become richer

Yahoo Statement

In an email confirmation re: Yahoo Directory Confirmation on 10/7/04 Yahoo states:
"Your Site in Search
While inclusion in the Yahoo! Directory does not guarantee search result placement, your site may appear in Web Results due to its increased relevance."

It is sort of talking in circles ...

LOL, of course not, but like

LOL, of course not, but like I said, I still think the links are being counted in some instances, but checking this one above I dont see the Yahoo IBL in Google results.

I'm even put off...

...trying to get in for free ;-)

Are you sure your not getting

Are you sure your not getting PR or IBL value from Yahoo still? I am still seeing websites that show an IBL when using the "link:" operator within Google and other search engines.

Obviously they are doing this fro tracking reasons. Do you think it is being done only to block IBL credit?

Remember, a listing in the dir.. giving the Yahoo editor power over your title and description. Soo, if the editor lists your site with a hmm TITLE and DESCRIPTION that really does NOT say "click me!" - you could be worse off than if you didn't submit the site for review.

Default is...

If you squint a tad at the top, the default sort is by "popularity". The other option avialable is alphabetically (which still keeps the pagination though).

I wonder what feels about this. LOL.

being miffed

I can understand being a bit miffed if you bought the listing expecting one thing then got another, but in general i think having a listing for any kind of link benefit is a waste of money.

You can do a lot with $300 for links (at least in comparison) and didn't they have pretty much zero benefit in terms of ranking to start with anyway?

How's the sort order?

LOL. Did anyone sort that out yet?

If it's just "first come, first page", then it could be an effort to contain the number of new applications.

Oh well...

I guess it's back to ye 'ol blog spam. LOL. Just kiddin'.

Who's blaming yahoo?

Yahoo obviously isn't to blame -- what they have now is undoubtedly better from a usability stand point.

But what the hey... I bought mine for PR -- I know yahoo didn't sell me with that as a benefit. For a majority of the categories I'm in, having a Yahoo listing for them doesn't do diddly (in terms of direct traffic from the listing).

What did you buy?

Did Yahoo promote and sell you a linkpopularity or PageRank increasing product? Not the last time I looked! They sold you a directory listing and thats what you got - and still get. If you want to complain find something real to complain about. This is simply too stupid in my mind