Facebook's New Search Engine Will Rival Google

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The tech press has been wild with speculation this last week of an imminent "big" launch by Facebook. Will it be a new ad platform, a smart phone or a search engine? The latest rumours suggest that Facebook will announce their search engine today.

Pocket-lint reports: “Although exact details of how the new search engine will work remain unclear for now, we have been told that the social network is planning to launch a big new ‘search feature’ on the site ‘very soon’, one that will shake everything up.

“Sources who don’t wish to be named have confirmed to Pocket-lint that the big announcement at the company’s event will focus on the new search feature with an expected roll-out shortly afterwards. Although the information is light on detail, the source is trusted and has given us legitimate information before.”

Facebook search is currently very basic, only allowing users to search by "people, places and things". Their business relationship with Bing may have resulted in something more advanced, allowing them to harness their social graph and recommendations. 


Well we've all been here before...

My money is on a hybrid project, using Bing's results and their social recommendations. With Facebook's shakey development history, I can't believe they have developed anything ground breaking, let alone a Google killer. Using that phrase may keep the market off their back for another quarter. We'll see tonight/today US time though - the reporters have been called to their headquarters.

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