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Not the usual TW fayre, but i have an enormous respect for the BBC - One of the oldest and most repected communications firms in the world.

And it's not just 'cos im British heh..

I think this piece on the Beeb's use of blogs , forums, wikis and social networking says a lot. Most big media are still desperately trying to deny a massive shake up in the way we all communicate - but the BBC, ancient as it is, is embracing the new technology and all of it's social implications.

Great stuff, and thanks om


The Observer Folksonomic Zeitgeist

Fresh after extolling the virtues of the BBC for their internal work with blogs, forums and wiki's i have the opportunity to point out the

Siemens Business Services may make changes

SBS who are supposed to take over the BBC's IT arm may make changes whilst trying to make the GBP 20m savings.

SBS also declined to comment on rumours in the German media that its parent Siemens was considering selling off the IT services arm. But the Varney said he was confident that the contract provides enough protection for the BBC and added that he had heard nothing about SBS' future that caused him concern.

Let's wait and see!

It is remarkable

How much of a clue BBC guys do have being publicly funded :O) Met (and "Met") many BBC'ers over the years (mainly developers) and no matter what the topic they often get it then do something useful with it. You can't say the same about some commercial organisations :O) (Obviously the BBC has its fair share of beaurocratic numpties too, but thankfully I only have to bump into those when pitching).

here's a good BBC staffers blog

Ben Metcalf works for the BBC (and obviously reads here occasionally). I found his blog the other day and loved it and just spent half an hour trying to re-find it. Aaarg. Must learn to bookmark.

Hopefully he won't get sacked for blogging now (although he does have a lot of links to work stuff already and I don't see pics of him posing in his BBC y-fronts so I guess he's probably safe).

It’s just a crime how Aunti

It’s just a crime how Auntie can STILL manage to get tax payers to fund it as a non commercial entity and then it goes on and operates as it wants. The list is too long to print. UK tax payers = suckers… yet again!

What was the spend on it’s wbe site year-on-year £5M+ hell not difficult to produce good results with that type of wonga going around.

BBC editors write good copy for SEO too

I work with an ex-BBC web editor and not only is he up on SEO but the copy he writes is extremely useful for SEO as their titles are descriptive, their copy is short, concise and not as top-heavy on background in the pyramidal way that print journalists tend to write in.

IMHO an ex-BBC web editor is a vital part of an SEO crew!


BBC staffer

I believe it was currybet, although I haven't seen any stuff from him/her for a while. The BBC is a top class website for usability, community and information - I'm often amazed at the different facets of the corporation that I will come across through searches or links.

BBC on the forums

There was a BBC staffer regularly posting at WMW. Anyone remember who it was/is ?

Perhaps they are here?

Doesn't mention any of its SEO work ;)

The BBC have had people following the SEO forums for some time and some of their pages show that they are not just reading.