Culling Feeds - OR - Killing a few Friends

Im aware that this is a strange analogy, I really do think of RSS feeds as friends in many ways though:

  • Some friends are influential
  • Some friends are connectors
  • Some are habbits
  • Some friends are enemies
  • and some friends, need to GO

My RSS subscriptions, unlike my real real life friends, have grown to unmanagable proportions though, and it's time to cut a few out of the loop.

How do you cut out the crud from RSS?

Actually, though when i started out on this mercenary expedition the situation looked dire, it was rather easy. I used the following attributes to create a death list for my RSS buddies:

  • Bad titles
  • Always behind the news
  • Good posts too few and far between

On that basis, sites who favor titles like "Oh, look at this!" are out. Sites that constantly play catch up, are out, and one hit wonders, are out.

It was the bad titles that took the greatest damage - When you read a lot of RSS titles each day, not having to guess what you may find if you click the link is a big plus - in my book, an essential. I simply dont have the time to click on a "mystery meat" title heh..

I've gone from 400+ to around 300(ish)

I'd like to be around the 200 mark again, but the above criteria has so many caveats that some crud remains in the list - if anyone can think of a better way, i'd love to hear it...



We seem to have missed the new guy here! Welcome in Martin, do introduce yourself - tis the done thing :)

Glad you find it so, with so many knowledgable people in here, on the look out for good stuff, I find it fun to get the jump on the big boys too heh..

I just subscribe to [url=http

I just subscribe to this feed and there is some bloke who does all the work for me. ;)

I am reverse

I see something mentioned here and subscribe to the source - TW has made me even more of a RSSMaven ;O)

I cut my feeds by subscribing to Thanks!

Since I have subscribed to TW's feed, I found most of my other feeds go unread. A really interesting "game" is to watch the delay factor in other folk's feeds. More often than not, I see a "major" item here before some of the other "heavy weight" feeds. This is really interesting since TW is supposed to be "summary" type site and you beat the others. Well done folks!!!

Must take you hours to go through that lot

I am very picky about which feeds I subscribe to and I use newsgator which puts all recent posts from all blogs into one pageable page of posts, if it isn't immediately interesting I skim over it.

If I haven't read a feed for a few weeks

I usually figure it ain't for me.

Full Text Feeds are the Best

I love the feeds that give you all the information without having to click anything... title, author,category (if applicable), and full text.

Too many feeds only give you a title and nothing else.

Track by matrix for a while

Squares on a page - feed name, was it good for you too?, or was it a bummer/boredom personified?

After a couple of weeks, you should have a basic idea of what you're getting from where - and after a month you should be able to whack your list down by another bunch.

Nope - I don't have feeds in that quantity to deal with, but I use the simple "squares on a page" decision matrix for many things.