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World of Search #8
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Rumour has it the last one lost money, but it can't have done that badly as WebmasterWorld launch the "World of Search" conference to be held in New Orleans 21st - 24th June 2005



I hear it's for auction at the show:)


Doubt they lost any...

I can't imagine how they could lose money. It's practically impossible to lose money on something like that as long as people are paying to attend.

If you figure Tabke only make

If you figure Tabke only makes half of the entrance fee to the conference, and only 1,000 people show up, that is $250K in profit...

That does not count sponsor money.

New Orleans!

How many times did I suggest New Orleans over the years, only to be told it wouldn't fly because it had too much of a rep as a "party town."

Then again, I guess once you host a con in Vegas, you've pretty much thumbed your nose at the "party town" stigma...

WebmasterWorld Conference - New Orleans June 21-24 Announced

Announced just yesterday, Brett Tabke, owner of WebmasterWorld, a forum that gets lots of coverage over here, will be holding its next conference in New Orleans on that dates of June 21-24. I made a new category for this conference,...

Hotel doesn't look good

It would be very embarrassing not to make money on these conferences. There is so much money between attendees and sponsors.

It looks like we still have an old problem, bad hotel selection. The Park Plaza hotel does not seem to fair well on tripadvisor.com It rates 2 out of 5 stars and is ranked #138 out of 142 hotels in New Orleans. Why can't we stay in nice hotels?

Why can't we stay in nice hotels?

You can, you just have to go to other events...

Park Plaza is okay. It's loca

Park Plaza is okay. It's located well, but it's definitely not a 5-star. But if you're in New Orleans and you're in the hotel room, you're missing the point. ;)

New Orleans vs Vegas - No Contest

New Orleans wins by a KO

Certainly an interesting enough place to tempt me to visit the US.


Well I can say the LV convention center isn't the cheapest place to hold a con, especially with such a small amount of people unless it was on discount for the day. I will be going to World of Search :P Reminds me of World of Warcraft.... zug zug. Anyways it will be my first time in New Orleans so Im doubting I'll be chilling in the room all that much so if priced at two stars ill be stayen there :)

And someone appointed to organise it

A PR release at WMW says

WebmasterWorld has appointed Joseph Morin as Strategic Marketing Director, Conferences, in a move to further develop the growing demand for Internet Conferences.
Joe Morin said, "I am excited to be working with WebmasterWorld because it gives me the chance to do what I do best, and I get the chance to work with one of the original names in the business. Every year, we experience exponential growth that gives us a great indicator that the future is only brighter and that Internet conferences will continue to grow."
About WebmasterWorld... It has public and private subscribers-only sections and is the fastest growing forum on the Internet today.

As was said here 1000 punters at $500 each means a big profit. Mind you 1500 punters at $1500 is an even bigger profit. And without being too opaque 50 punters at $50 each doesn't look like a big profit (yet)

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