Rumour: Yahoo! have bought Flickr

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Flickr, Yahoo Deal Rumored
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It had to, or will have to, happen sooner or later. Last year, rumours were flying that maybe Google would buy Flickr, then we heard that Yahoo! and Google had both offered to buy Flickr Stewart Butterfield and Caterina Fake, the folks behind Ludicorp, who own the immensely popular photo blogging service Flickr have been holding out though, untill perhaps now.

Om Malik reports for Business2 that rumours are flying in Silicon Valley that a deal may have been struck between Yahoo! and Flickr for an undisclosed amount last week. The same rumour has it that Yahoo! are holding off on an official announcement untill March 1st.

If it's true - it's HOT news for sure...


Fake get's a little touchy

Caterina Fake told Robert Scoble she'd kick the arse of the next person to ask if Yahoo had bought Flickr

"I'm gonna kick the ass of the next person who asks me that question."

She's still not denied it though.

I don't get it? Why such i

I don't get it?

Why such interest over a photo sharing site?

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Or at least, that's what I think the excitement is about.

Why such excitement?

Tenaciously dedicated community.
Smart customer service.
Large and active member base.
Lots of meta data (nice for advertising, data mining, etc.)
Fills in the gap between software (picasa) and image search for Google... or complements Yahoo! Photo (storage) well.

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