Bloglines wins Wired Award - Google, MSN and Y! take Note

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Last week we reported on Google UI engineer Chris Wetherell slapping the Google blog for being boring and stuffy.

Here's how you do it guys.. - ASK's Lanzone posts about Bloglines winning the Wired rave review awards - which is pretty cool. Here's a few points Google, MSN and to a lesser degree Yahoo would do well to take note of:

  • It's interesting - Seems simple huh?
  • hey look! It links to other blogs!
  • It's all about the tone...

Come on guys, get with the program - and Congrats to ASK on the Bloglines win...


Google do have good blogs

but they don't share them with the rest of the world!

A while ago I managed to do something that got the attention of Google in a big way. As a result I had referral traffic coming in from internal Google bogs (can’t tell if they had official G endorsement).
Best of all I could see who owned each of these blogs and while I didn't get a hit from either of the two big boys I did reach a high executive level.

I was also interesting to see how Google staff members obviously read each others blogs and pass information around. After the first hit I could see at least 20 instances by day three.
It dies down after that but it was very interesting to see the names.

What the heck did you do?

You must have done something newsworthy to get that sort of attention - spill! :OD

We ran a public SEO competition

We ran a competition to optimise for Google and offered prizes.

which one?

just out of interest......

Oh no....

you guys know i hate seo competitions :)

was the marine one right Gerbot?

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