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How Not to Run a Directory: Link to Me or I Delete Your Listing
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Aaron Wall has a fun entry detailing his email exchange with some muppet webmaster who is prepared to delete every entry in a directory unless all the sites link back to them.

er... HELLO! Every man and his dog has a damn directory, what the hell makes you so damn precious? The stupidity of some people amazes me, and the proliferation of Directories over the last 6mts or so is dragging down the quality of those few that do get it....

Here's part of the excange: management has changed. I am the webmaster now. This is one of the projects i have undertaken recently . I am restructuring hedir design and policy.
I have noticed that you have got 10 sites listed in my directory .
I do not find any history of your helping the directory either with link or any other way . Could you please enlighten me regarding this ? Coz i believe in the concept of mutual help in the webmaster
community .

Astonishing, i wonder whether there is any future at all for the vast majority of directories out there. Humans dont use them, search engines must be sick of them, and the decent ones are very, very few and far between...



A lot of directories, will die, of course, while a minority will continue to build to varying degrees of success.

Even before the more recent surge, there were a number of prior directories - and quite a few of these already seemed dead in the water. A cyclical event, perhaps.

>A cyclical event, perhaps.

>A cyclical event, perhaps.

as search advances it will likely become less cyclical.

oooh let some stay:)

We manually edit ours and you can be listed if the content is decent, some people link back some don't. We don't really care.

We seem to rank well and I have the email of every link spammer in the world, can be useful for other projects. Maybe this is why people built directories...maybe not.


Maybe another directory owner

Maybe another directory owner should offer free listing to anyone who gets removed from this muppets directory :)

Directories are Passe

The old model of global directories is dead. There is only room for a few quality ones in that space and it is already occupied. Vortals are the next big thing, you watch.

Definition of a Vortal

Can somebody explain to me exactly what a Vortal is please?


A Vortal is a Vertical Industry Portal.


Yeah, i get that - but what does it entail exactly?

Like a directory but specifically on one key subject?

Vertical Industry Portal = Vortal

A portal Web site that provides information and resources for a particular industry, they provide news, research and statistics, discussions, newsletters, online tools, and many other services that educate users.


Thanks mick and pageone :-)

Not just vortals

Let's not forget niche directories (which are often part of vortals). I think they're going to become more and more important.


A lot of these things overlap, I often think of linkBlogs being mini directories, particularly when drilling down the categorised blog entries

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