Closing Threadwatch This Friday


I hate to do this, but this Friday I am closing Threadwatch. I don't think the site died at any specific point, it has been more of a process, which I will outline below:

Edgy News
When the site was created it was designed to be controversial and push the edges. After purchasing the site, at conferences some of my friends pulled me aside and said they didn't pay attention to Threadwatch because it was too edgy. Sure the site is not for everyone, but that edgy feeling drives away new users and breaks down the community sense all functional communities built upon.

I thought I could make it more mainstream over time, but I just don't have enough time too and probably am not strong enough to move it that far from what it currently is.

Its All Shite!
No matter how hard you work on something, if you submit it to Threadwatch someone will call it shit. Charming for a while, but some people comment writing things they didn't believe just to stir up conversation or hijack the threads, while others proudly submitted fake news in an attempt to manipulate markets. There are too many hidden agendas for it to be a smooth community.

In response to this site's popularity, and the increasing competition for attention in a saturated market, many other sites became a bit more edgy. Sites that were traditionally mainstream started writing about stories they never would have touched, using titles they never would have in the past.

As more people used aggressive headlines and covered gossip news it meant that this site would need to be hung rather far off the edge to have that be its point of differentiation. So far off the edge that the site would be viewed as nothing more than a farce.

Many of the best members here started their own blogs, and contribute more on their own blogs and less here. I can't fault them for it, as it is what I do too, but after I got a girlfriend I started appreciating the value of my time a lot more than when I was alone, and simply do not have enough time.

Threadwatch would not be an easy site to hire a writer for either, and even if it was chuck full of high quality entries, those would be more valuable on a site that had a viable business model attached to it, so one could invest in growth and further improvements.

As more people started blogging, tracking everything got harder, and there was far less incentive to put 16 hours a day into reading RSS feeds to keep this site up to date and near the center of the search industry, especially when all my other projects were far more profitable and received much better by their target audience. Sure some people who hate me went so far as writing fake comments to promote their products, but that sort of activity was an exception.

The Digg Homepage
Automated community driven news sites further lessened the need for and value proposition of this site. What was awful though was when I invited a few friends to become editors here and they spammed the shit out of Threadwatch.

I felt embarrassed waking up and looking at the Threadwatch homepage knowing who wrote, submitted, and marketed each piece of Diggspam promoted to the Threadwatch homepage.

I am pretty easy to work with and would have had no problem helping spread a lot of the better ones, but when your friends spam your sites with low level junk it is time to change your position or get new friends.

Part of why I bought this site was because I felt there was a lot I could learn from the conversation that takes place here. I didn't mind the crassness or other stuff here as long as I felt I was learning, but as the best parts of the SEO market got more spread out on personal blogs and general crankiness of Threadwatch made some of the best members leave, the signal to noise ratio here suffered.

Unfortunately I was not a strong enough leader to make it work and/or my priorities were elsewhere.

Threadwatch has been a fun place and I will be forever grateful for some of the hard work done by editors like The Founder, John Andrews, and Graywolf, and contributions by other members like NFFC, RCJordan, Massa and the legendary Fantomaster.

For a short while it will suck for some (including me) that this site ended, but hopefully it doing so will help create an opportunity for something better.




Aaron - I almost forgot, who gets all of your Threadwatch backlinks?

Hey Aaron -

Instead of closing it down, I'd pass the baton.

my homepage

you mean i have to change my homepage now? bummer.


after I got a girlfriend I started appreciating the value of my time a lot more

First Jeremy Z, now you. All these new girlfriends are ruining the good blogs!

why not go digg?

First of all: kudos to Aaron to realistically seeing the situation and not keeping back with self-critizism. That just confirms the impression I got from meeting you in person (long ago in vegas).

Basically I like the idea of TW becoming a digg-like resource. is something that works quite good for the relatively small german market and is actively being used by relevant SEOs, so why shouldn't this work for the us/english market as well?

You've got the feed-readers and the registered users already, drupal seems to offer a digg-like plugin, etc. just go for it and see how that works out.


You mean like
Sure, there might be some use for that but I really don't figure TW going that way - or going down the drain entirely.

ewww.. Digg? Are you fucking

ewww.. Digg? Are you fucking serious? The idea of bringing the wisdom of the masses to Threadwatch is repugnant.

wisdom of the masses to Threadwatch

ewww.. Digg? Are you fucking serious? The idea of bringing the wisdom of the masses to Threadwatch repugnant.


spirit of TW

>but where is the TW spirit,,

Awesome. You'll note that only about 100 people bothered to respond, so out of the thousands that read, I'd say the lazy spirit is still very much alive :) The rest of the folks are just waiting to say their "fuck you's" if it is actually the end - they'll procrastinate until then.

>pass the baton
I'd give a big vote for this too guys - lots of us come here daily just to vent and gripe a bit, and are happy we can drop an f-bomb, or act like idiots without anybody really minding much.

The quality might not be the same as it once was, but it's still a fun community.

>You're such a drama queen ;-)

So you guys are breaking up?

I gotta say - asking hagans to be a moderator is kinda like a frog volunteering to give a scorpion a ride across the pond - ya gotta know what the outcome is gonna be:)

Sad to see

Would be sad to see TW go - as others have said, TW is also the first read in the mornings for me as well.

I'd also be happy to contribute time / money / whatever as needed to keep things running if it makes any difference.


A Travesty

This site has given me years of good stuff. I hope something can be done, but a thanks none the less for a quality site.

Thank You Aaron

Aaron I wish you all the best for the future and thanks for everything you have achieved with threadwatch

If Bill Gates can pay...

If Bill Gates can pay 6 Billion Cash for AQNT, he should fork up at least a Billion for the 131,000 back links that TW has!

Good Luck, Aaron

Go Jason, go!

Go Jason, GO!. I'm confident that you can run TW in its former spirit.

Somebody change his mind....

Catching up on my feeds this afternoon - Wow, how can that be? TW going away? No way! Are you sure? Somebody change his mind.... If that's how it plays out, I will miss it, there's nothing like TW out there. Thanks for one of the best sites evah.


what the fuck

I seriously don't know whether to cry or to throw my computer across the room.

Threadwatch is the best SEO site around. Threadwatch contributors have saved my ass, and probably my job, on several occasions. Please find a way to keep it alive, even if it means skinning it with some powder blue gradient shit and tacking on a Digg clone, and selling it to Yahoo or something. Anything! Please. Gonna go cry in my beer now.


Damn... That sucks.

Yeah, what she said...and he said

Well, many here have already stated my thoughts and feelings so I won't waste additional space/time repeating things...but if someone is counting votes, add mine to wanting TW to continue.

Heck, this is the only place on the internet that I've actually cared enough about the community to submit articles and I rarely post elsewhere...I even lurked anonymously here for a shorter period than anywhere else before becoming a member. ~sigh~

Watching Threadwatch

It will be interesting to see how this plays out...
Burn it down?
Pass the baton?
Spread some redirect love?
Sell out?
Keep it going?

If it goes away, I shall miss it.

Aaron thanks so much for

Aaron thanks so much for everything. I do hope this is not the end.

Lack of Comments

Awesome. You'll note that only about 100 people bothered to respond, so out of the thousands that read, I'd say the lazy spirit is still very much alive :) The rest of the folks are just waiting to say their "fuck you's" if it is actually the end - they'll procrastinate until then.

I think part of it is that not too many are sure wth this is all about. Is it linkbait? Is it part of some grand marketing ploy? Or part of some predetermined handoff drama?

Threadwatch, for me, has had its ups and downs. It's a read, but not a daily choice of mine. I don't think it's very inclusive and I suspect plenty of readers probably aren't sure whether their comments are going to be welcomed or if they'll be tagged as wankers or hysteria or disregarded for dumbing things down. And it was getting tiring for awhile with all the inner circle linking going on, because you know I have better things to do than follow the bunny hop trail. Although that's cleaned up quite a bit recently IMO.

While those things could be considered negatives, that's just threadwatch. The crowd is eccentric IMO. And a bit rough around the edges in some cases. We're all probably misfits in some way. But I do think Threadwatch is the only place I feel comfortable enough to say (other than on my own blog):

1. Matt Cutts is not Divine;
2. Google does have its Evil moments;
3. Google isn't your best friend

Those types of comments may not be welcome, but they're not unwelcome here either. Try saying that most anywhere else and you risk being gobbled alive. And apply that to any company. You don't have to be a superfan of anything to contribute here--Critical and free thinking is encouraged, Group Think isn't. And that's what makes Threadwatch a place of value (to me).

I do hope that something will be worked out to keep Threadwatch going. I think Jason is a great fit and would do a good job.

Aaron - at least put it up for sale.

I'll highly miss threadwatch, it's been a favorite of mine since the beginning.

I'll trade ya a couple of old sites for it ;)


I think you're making a responsible decision Aaron, but do you want to be responsible for cutting-out a beating heart?

Been here since the beginning, and yes, totally see your reasoning - it has gone downhill a tad - but there's still enough pulse in this place to keep it out of intensive care.


Coding Issues

A few people have mentioned coding issues as a sore point.

I'll gladly offer to have a run at things (I've reported a few bugs myself) free of charge. I'm not a professional web developer, but I've been programming since the early days (1980 - who remembers input A$). I know my way around java, perl, php, and another 22 languages that nobody cares about.

This offer stands for Aaron or whoever buys the site if and when Aaron sells it.

Well then...

TW is one big watering hole for the who's who in cynical search marketing - and probably the only site I visit daily where I'm content to lurk...

Well then, one last round or are we on to the next pub?

ewww.. Digg? Are you fucking

ewww.. Digg? Are you fucking serious? The idea of bringing the wisdom of the masses to Threadwatch repugnant.

I know where you're coming from webprofessor but I first mentioned that in response to Aaron's point here:

As more people started blogging, tracking everything got harder, and there was far less incentive to put 16 hours a day into reading RSS feeds to keep this site up to date and near the center of the search industry

It is a lot to expect a few people to write all the posts (and The Founder deserves a special mention here). Mat, Brian and Natasha have said they prefer tidying up rather than content creation which is understandable. It would be good if we could harness more of the community aspect to help with both these jobs.

At the moment TW is too much like running a high pressure personal blog (with help) rather than a community driven site. Too much work is focused on too few people (for no money). We should find ways to work smarter not harder.

I'm probably a little naive when it comes to running community sites but wouldn't we collectively bury the more outrageous link drop articles, spam and linkbait? Maybe not. The editors could still be used as a bury/thread execution squad though ;)

The risk is reducing the quality but I still think the wisdom of the masses in TW is a good 50 IQ points higher than Digg. You'd never get the kind of reaction Danny receives when he tries to engage them over there.

Is it linkbait?

Is it linkbait?

I think there are too many people here than Aaron respects to piss on them with a cheap shot like link bait.

I remember Aaron ( at least I think it was Aaron) pointing us to a site that attempted to aggregate the 'best' threads / blog posts from around the www and order them based on quality. The rules used date, views, replies and the source if I remember correctly. If you added a very basic 'voting' system to that which applied a weighting to the source, quality would improve and it would be a mostly automatic 'thread watch'.

Automated Thread Finder Problems

The problem with making an automated thread finder is that it would return a few crazy threads so as 'The hottest girl/boy' thread over at DP, crap loads of replies, a crazy amount of page views and absolutely pure noise lol

It's a shame to see

It's a shame to see Threadwatch shutter its windows and lock its doors. It's been one of the more entertaining sites in the industry.

I'd like to thank everyone who spent time and effort making the site as interesting as it has been - the owners, the moderators, and the members. You all deserve to take a bow.

I'd love to see threadwatch continue in the hands of someone like JasonD.


Yes my vote is for Jason

The true spirit of TW

Is it linkbait?

I'm actually surprised there wasn't a disclaimer in the original post.

How much is google paying you to take it down?

Best one yet.

I think there are too many people here than Aaron respects to piss on them with a cheap shot like link bait.

Yea...come on guys and gals, you should know Aaron much better than this...don't his intelligence or your own by calling this linkbait...

...If he were gonna do that, he'd be much better served using the idea on his money site:)

Hope we can change your mind man - I'm sure Jason would be a good fit, and I need a place to give my friends shit other than aim.

A Way Members Could Help?

Too much work is focused on too few people (for no money). We should find ways to work smarter not harder.

Hey, maybe something like this might be helpful...the Threadwatch community members do some research and submit thread ideas to Jason (or whoever) to approve or deny posting. That way, all the work does not fall on a small number of people. And, if each person did the research on, say, the day of the month that is his/her birthday, that would not overload any one person. (Or, divide workload up into weeks -- last name A-G do first week of month, H-M second week, etc.)The process would benefit every individual doing the research merely by being immersed in it for a few hours a month or whatever. It would also free up TW staff by slicing duties to editing. This would allow staff more time for commentary.

Speech! ThePost



only about 100 people

only about 100 people bothered to respond

Only because of the crappy captcha. Took me over a day to find one I could read ;-)

(And it took me three damned tries to get this post through. Sheesh!)

I can just echo most of the thoughts above. TW's gone through some twists and turns, but overall much of the discussion has remained pretty good. Though I haven't had the time to participate that much of late it's still been one of my first stops in the morning to catch the feel of the crowd. And overall it's a good crowd with differing points of view argued from committed positions, not many wishy washy posts here.

Thanks to Nick for starting it, Aaron and Dave for and all the other folks for carrying it through this far, and kudos to Jason if he can carry it forward for a third life.

divide workload up into

divide workload up into weeks -- last name A-G do first week of month, H-M second week, etc

Yeah bollocks to that - let Jason do the 16 hrs of research each day. Apparently he has loads of free time ;)

What Captcha ?

I never see a captcha on here.

It's a captcha load balancing thing

So some people (myself included) get about 3 captchas per post on average while others get none. :-)

Good Luck Aaron

Best of luck. I know what you mean about the call of the money accounts. It's hard to divide the time between a woman, a hobby and a paying customer. Just not enough hours in a day to keep everybody happy.

You done good. It was a fun ride. See you on the flip side, guy...ciao


You may get 3 captchas but the rest of us pay in other ways. Every thread submission of mine goes astray, I keep getting tripped up with numerous coding errors on this site... and other problems. But I've moaned about that before so I should stop my second post in this thread now... and before it becomes a rant ;-)

i'll vouch that it's not

i'll vouch that it's not linkbait. arron discussed this with a certain un-named underground seo group while in seattle at danny's expo.


The only time I ever tried to post a thread of my own it got lost somewhere, too.

In any case, seeing that Aaron + Dave seem to be adopting a "let's see how they react" attitude currently, I guess one could be pardoned for viewing this as more of a bidbait operation...

I assume

No captcha for editors, I would assume.

I never

I never got captcha's even before I was an editor. I suspect the lack of captchas are related to my extraordinary good looks somehow.

Ah, so YOU are

your own captcha, eh? Neat.

IP numbers

Fantomaster gets a captcha because he wouldn't know how to mask/cloak/proxy his IP if his beard bit him in the arse.

Thanks for the good reads...

...over the last couple years or so.

You will be missed!


Mat - you got a hairloss problem?

If so, I can point you to some great sites. LOL

It's been real, it's been fun, it's even been real fun.

Today's not April 1st?

I would think someone else could take it over, but I know how hard that is.

Thanks to Nick and Aaron.

This thread alone...

should hopefully be convincing enough to keep tw around.

educational value - zip.

entertainment value - priceless.

you can learn search and marketing anywhere...where else can you hear old-timers (i use this term loosely in search marketing land) banter?

Nowhere Else

you can learn search and marketing anywhere...where else can you hear old-timers (i use this term loosely in search marketing land) banter?

Yes, Threadwatch is the War Room. Privates, Lieutenants, Captains, etc. can come in and unwind in the same room with the Generals. Battles can be re-hashed, strategies are discussed, tricks of the adversary are uncovered, and a relative team spirit exists here. Nowhere else does that happen.

Deserters welcome, too.

Especially when they used to work for the SEs - as long as they can read tons of captchas. :)

So I guess everyone will be

So I guess everyone will be posting on WebmasterWorld now..... :P

What's the emoticon for

"icy silence"?


Sell it. Give it away. Make it available for lay-a-way. I don't give a rat's asteroid. Just make sure you pass the baton rather than shutting her down.

Sorry to see TW go. Thank

Sorry to see TW go. Thank you to Nick W for starting it and making it a great place, Aaron and Dave N. for keeping it going and to the members who made it a community worth visiting daily.

More time now

Visiting Threadwatch was my moment in the day when I freaked out because I realised I was not productive.

Coffee instead I guess. Seen what NickW works on now? Weird. NickW gets comments instead of money.

teatime @ threadwatch

I think having a popular chap from the ranks assume the rudder is in order. But first, we do need full disclosure from JasonD:

Assam, Earl Grey or English Breakfast?

The Internet Water Cooler

I avoided this thread simply because it was unpleasant to think about TW shutting down. After talking with Aaron for a bit though I agree that shutting it down is the right thing to do. I've always thought of TW as more of water cooler chat than anything else. It's a place to argue and agree with your friends and colleagues.

I really don't care about most 'Internet news' simply because most of it has no impact on me or what I do nor does it have any impact on my friends or what they do. What TW did was allow people in the same industry to talk and bitch about governments, politics, taxes, etc.

I've always argued with Brett that Foo is the glue that binds WMW together, and TW serves the same purpose. It allowed all of us to share a bit more about ourselves than our opinions on the latest 'industry news'. Much like the corner pub where people gather to bitch about work and talk about their lives. . Unfortunately, the pub changed, and sometimes, it's best just to find another pub.

I'm sure someone will create another watering hole, hopefully, I'll see ya all there.

Thanks Aaron for stepping up and allowing us to have our fun, and for knowing when to kick us out. ; )

I enjoyed reading your excellent blog.

I have been reading your blog for the past 18 months or so, and I am really saddened to hear that it will be shut down. Perhaps instead of shutdown, you could sell it to Yaro Starak of Entrepreneur's Journey fame. I'd really hate to see it get shut down. I enjoyed your blog articles so much that I often pasted many of your article links onto my proboard forum. Please consider continuing your outstanding blog, or selling it to web entrepreneurs like Yaro Starak.

Threadwatch has been a daily

Threadwatch has been a daily read for me for the awhile now, but I haven't really participated. Sorry for that, but I'm more of the quite type online and off. But I have enjoyed it, and for that thanks Aaron and all the regular posters.

gettin out my hammer

C'mon Aaron...we've all made it clear that we really like it here for lots of reasons and don't want to go anywhere else. There's no one place that will be a good fit and I really doubt we could rebuild this community elsewhere.

For those of us who aren't able have a personal chat with you to learn why you won't let someone else have a go, please explain here why you think its better to shut us down rather than pass TW on.

Linkbait, phhh.

Honestly, those who said that: It's as if you got no idea what Aaron is all about. If you don't get it by virtue of the 'girlfriend' comment you never will. He's one of the most honest, above-board people in our industry.

I know that this decision pains him. But it pains him precisely because he's bright enough to see the future, and savvy enough to know that being the very last one off the dance floor is a decidedly lame approach to life.

He very eloquently outlined the issues. The evolution of technology and of the SEO/etc the space we're in is making TW less relevant and more difficult to sustain by the day.

Though I did not post here much except in spurts, I really do love it. But as Aaron as honestly and bravely indicated, what is really left here of uniqueness and relevance, that people are not getting more of at other sites, or on their readers, or via IM.

Best thing TW has going for it now, aside from boatloads of un-monitizable LOVE, is those killer backlinks. Now that's interesting. Wish I owned it. ;-)

what is really left here of uniqueness and relevance

that people are not getting more of at other sites, or on their readers, or via IM

Oh, really? So name me a few alternatives, if you will.
Readers? You mean like running the comment-here, comment-there gauntlet?
IM? That's not even comparing apples with oranges, heh.

I've seen a few forums in my time and left most of them for the waste of time they usually were - and for the very reason that they lacked what TW offered. And as this thread seems to prove, I'm not the only one.

"Relevance" - depends on how you choose to define it. Though methinks there's some confusion going on here. True, TW isn't a NEWS site any longer, and good riddance, too. Nor does it investigate in excruciating detail the fineries of Google's latest PageRank antics. Thankfully.

Yes, there's always "some other pub" to go to (thanks, DigitalGhost, for that brilliant outline, btw), some new "water cooler" joint perhaps. But heck, it's not the SAME - because the community isn't. So much for all that brainless "Social Web" hype when one of the best-established and - for all its failings - sophisticated social hangouts is supposed to be replaced by the likes of Digg and MySpace.

Frankly, I find this pretty disgusting...

apples with oranges

With respect fantomaster, the length of this thread proves nothing except that the place enjoys tons of strong emotional connections. We've seen a lot of start-ups that could be described very similarly. The question is, where's the model that justifies or allows the site to continue in a vital way?

What is more indicative than this thread of the reallity of the situation is what was going on for the past many, many months, when the place was dwindling, and before an announcement came that the end was coming. It's not hard to see that most of what TW offers anymore is either increasingly hard to maintain, or gettable with less noise, in other places (albeit it pieces).

The place was great, but what is TW now? Please don't say 'watercooler'. Watercoolers can end up being nothing but a drain. :p

I don't know if this is the right way to characterize TW, but I always saw the core of the site as an elite SEO sub-community commenting at times brilliantly and amusingly on breaking news and gossip. But when the news angle fades, and the noise level rises. With much of the crowd not participating regularly, watercooler isn't enough to keep a vibrant site alive.

Sad things happen, and just watching over the last year has been tough. To pretend otherwise is a either not paying attention, or disingenuous. The place needs to change radically or die. Just getting more heartfelt volunteers to do ... more of the same ... is fighting the tide.

I imagine that among the hardest things for Aaron and Dave was sorting what to do about a site that still means so much to many, but is increasingly unsustainable...especially when there is considerable value that the current model cannot unlock. At least, not without a LOT of help.

Best thing TW has going for

Best thing TW has going for it now, aside from boatloads of un-monitizable LOVE, is those killer backlinks.

As The Founder said before, this site is more than just a collection of backlinks. A thread with 154 comments should give you the hint of a community presence. This community also seems pretty unique to me. Nick managed to draw in experienced marketers from every side of the industry. That's not such an easy feat to reproduce at the next pub.

The place needs to change radically or die....there is considerable value that the current model cannot unlock

Agreed. So why not allow someone else to buy it and make these changes?

is threadwatch for sale

Aaron is threadwatch for sale, I tried to contact you but no response, I also spoke to Dave but he does not know either

waiting for a response Aaron........!!


Good on you for keeping it going, Aaron. It's been good reading (for the most part) while it's been here.

Doubt there's too many other places on the internet that will crack me up by ripping the shit out of the industry.

Aaron aint responding. Dave

Aaron aint responding. Dave doesn't know.

Is it up for sale? It is closing down tight?

I don't know!

What I do know is that if this place is for sale, say a price. If the price is based on the value of the backlinks and that price can't be met by someone who wants to carry on TW as it SHOULD be run, then let me suggest this.

Split the domain name and the site into 2.

301 the links to wherever and whoever wants them but let the site, the members, the historical threads and the members continue as a community WITHOUT the links on a new domain name.

There are a thousand ways to skin a cat and as Friday gets closer I for one am no closer to understanding what is going on, despite chats with A and D.

You know I have beliefs in this place, you also know at least one of those is how TW can generate rewards. Those ideas are still similar and valid to discussions with Nick back in Edinburgh when he said "Having JasonD demonstrate some of the absolute fundamentals of business - it's astonishing how bad i am at that, and how GOOD he is! " and when he also said I was the SEO's SEO when speaking about an interview Aaron did with me

I know TW and know it can generate value for the community and that the community will support TW.

You both know what has happened historically with me and TW. You both know agreements broken, you both know my commitment to this place, you all know that most members here are a bunch of digital hippy search geeks.

Do me a favour guys, speak with me!


Nice way to bump the asking price

Rather than post another "please don't go" type post. I thought i'd respond with typical TW cynicism.

1. Announce you're going to close
2. Large response from community asking you not to close - demonstrates demand.
3. Demand = high asking price.

The great thing about TW is

The great thing about TW is the people that form the community - I can't think of anywhere else on the web where so many experienced SEO's can come together among their peers and safely provide their opinions and insights without being drowned out by noisy and contrary amateurs.

If TW does continue and anyone needs hosting space, I've got a dual opteron with plenty of capacity + SCSI drives on RAID. I think Aaron's solved the issue that was causing the big MySQL crashes previously among three hosting providers, and as before, I'm happy to provide as a freebie.

Again: Bidbait?

1. Announce you're going to close
2. Large response from community asking you not to close - demonstrates demand.
3. Demand = high asking price.

Can't help it but that's what it's beginning to smell like, yeh.


They open a new site that doesn't have the history of this place.

I hope Aaron answers soon

I don't want to come here tomorrow and find a 404 :(


A community that truly has life would have little trouble migrating and creating a new history if someone "opens a new pub" on a different domain.

If you're serious, Jason, Just Do It, and let us know where to reconvene. Or at least say where to watch for announcements.


Good Luck Aaron, in whatever you do.

Now Wash Hands

Would the last person leaving please turn out the light?

Just in case I wake up tomorrow to find the gates locked, ermm ... err ... bye everyone. Going to feel a bit un-anchored without TW. Sniff. Seem to have something in my eye.

(Off to the Horse Latitudes now)

You too Mat - and thanks to

You too Mat - and thanks to the other TW editors for all their work.

... this isn't going to end

... this isn't going to end up like the last episode of M*A*S*H is it? ;) Stay in touch

Stay in touch please guys - and can eds email me please -


Drop me a line when it's up via e-mail (not via this crappy PM here which seems to be broken most of the time) and we'll blog about it, etc.

Hopefully not over...

But if it is - it was fun while it lasted. TW has been one of the only sites that I would check in on daily and there was always something to learn or at the very least to entertain. I was proud to be a part of it and help in anyway I could. Hats off to Aaron, Dave, Nick and the numerous others (and it is a lot) who made this such a great place for so many years.

Here's to hoping that this is not the end....

Drinks up... Cheers...

I doubt its bidbait

Perhaps there is no discussion on sale terms because a deal was already made. I assumed that was the case when the announcement was made.

First Sopranos...

now threadwatch. June sucks. Both endings leave a bitter taste.

I guess Brett can let

I guess Brett can let go now. lol..

Thanks for the memory

Aaron, Dave and Nick - thanks for the good times at TW. In case anyone is interested I would be for Jason taking over as well.

I wouldn't mind Jason Taking over as well

I think he would do a good job at it...

Thanks to all involved in this place.

Seems like it's gonna be a cliffhanger.

Seems like it's gonna be a cliffhanger.

Seems like it's gonna be a cliffhanger.

Yeah - ain't we havin' fun... :(

This is what I think...

of this thread.... it sucks...

It's like watching a train wreck in slow motion.

I'll miss this place if it goes...

... because of the loss of the community.

Also the discussions were not full of the comments from Googlites or Trainee Black hats that everyone has seen for the last 5 years on other forums. TW has always seemed to attract a higher quality of inexperienced SEOs i.e. those who were prepared to read and think.

I for one will rue the loss because I see that one of the only places of public discussion which doesn't have an agenda in promoting its own conferences, with all that that implies, will disappear.

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