Closing Threadwatch This Friday


I hate to do this, but this Friday I am closing Threadwatch. I don't think the site died at any specific point, it has been more of a process, which I will outline below:

Edgy News
When the site was created it was designed to be controversial and push the edges. After purchasing the site, at conferences some of my friends pulled me aside and said they didn't pay attention to Threadwatch because it was too edgy. Sure the site is not for everyone, but that edgy feeling drives away new users and breaks down the community sense all functional communities built upon.

I thought I could make it more mainstream over time, but I just don't have enough time too and probably am not strong enough to move it that far from what it currently is.

Its All Shite!
No matter how hard you work on something, if you submit it to Threadwatch someone will call it shit. Charming for a while, but some people comment writing things they didn't believe just to stir up conversation or hijack the threads, while others proudly submitted fake news in an attempt to manipulate markets. There are too many hidden agendas for it to be a smooth community.

In response to this site's popularity, and the increasing competition for attention in a saturated market, many other sites became a bit more edgy. Sites that were traditionally mainstream started writing about stories they never would have touched, using titles they never would have in the past.

As more people used aggressive headlines and covered gossip news it meant that this site would need to be hung rather far off the edge to have that be its point of differentiation. So far off the edge that the site would be viewed as nothing more than a farce.

Many of the best members here started their own blogs, and contribute more on their own blogs and less here. I can't fault them for it, as it is what I do too, but after I got a girlfriend I started appreciating the value of my time a lot more than when I was alone, and simply do not have enough time.

Threadwatch would not be an easy site to hire a writer for either, and even if it was chuck full of high quality entries, those would be more valuable on a site that had a viable business model attached to it, so one could invest in growth and further improvements.

As more people started blogging, tracking everything got harder, and there was far less incentive to put 16 hours a day into reading RSS feeds to keep this site up to date and near the center of the search industry, especially when all my other projects were far more profitable and received much better by their target audience. Sure some people who hate me went so far as writing fake comments to promote their products, but that sort of activity was an exception.

The Digg Homepage
Automated community driven news sites further lessened the need for and value proposition of this site. What was awful though was when I invited a few friends to become editors here and they spammed the shit out of Threadwatch.

I felt embarrassed waking up and looking at the Threadwatch homepage knowing who wrote, submitted, and marketed each piece of Diggspam promoted to the Threadwatch homepage.

I am pretty easy to work with and would have had no problem helping spread a lot of the better ones, but when your friends spam your sites with low level junk it is time to change your position or get new friends.

Part of why I bought this site was because I felt there was a lot I could learn from the conversation that takes place here. I didn't mind the crassness or other stuff here as long as I felt I was learning, but as the best parts of the SEO market got more spread out on personal blogs and general crankiness of Threadwatch made some of the best members leave, the signal to noise ratio here suffered.

Unfortunately I was not a strong enough leader to make it work and/or my priorities were elsewhere.

Threadwatch has been a fun place and I will be forever grateful for some of the hard work done by editors like The Founder, John Andrews, and Graywolf, and contributions by other members like NFFC, RCJordan, Massa and the legendary Fantomaster.

For a short while it will suck for some (including me) that this site ended, but hopefully it doing so will help create an opportunity for something better.




I arrived too late to the party to enjoy it during the highs, but I did appreciate what edginess was left. Good Luck Aaron.

Enjoyed It While It Lasted

TW has always been at the top of my RSS reader. I'm saddened to see it go. I've found many interesting stories through this site. Good luck in your future and current business projects.


Jeesus Crikes, This must be a joke? Say It Ain't So Aaron...

Just today I started a new gig and one of my coworkers asked me which SEO sites I read and other than Threadwatch I was hard pressed to think of one that I read on a regular basis because I read too much of the same ole same ole on other sites (FYI: the same coworker had TW as one of the five SEO sites consumed on a daily basis - yet had never posted). I mean it's one of the reasons I stopped blogging for a while ( I was actually gonna write a post today but now, ya done took the wind out of me) because I was tired of reading the same ole same ole and felt linking to those posts would be retarded. (Seriously how many posts did every one read about Ebay and Google ruintedish today?) I actually thought after that post on TW about what had happened to TW that the quality had increased as well as the contributions by a variety of newer voices. So I guess this will be my way of hijacking a post for the good: How can WE save Threadwatch?

Dag... I'm depressed.

That Really Sucks!

Threadwatch was my homepage for quite sometime. I could always count on reliable SEO stories and links. I will miss it.

Where will I go now...?

my ears are burning

but when your friends spam your sites with low level junk it is time to change your position or get new friends.

You're such a drama queen ;-)

Getting mad at me for spamming is like getting mad at a ***** for ******* your ****

btw I am kinda glad this site is closing SO I DONT HAVE TO **** WITH THE BROKEN CAPTCHA ANYMORE GRRR

Ahh, I'm a Jonny-Come-Lately

I've been reading for a fair bit, but it was yesterday that I finally actually registered.

Talk about crappy timing.

Thanks for the reads, ideas and discussions guys; it was great.

Another site that dared to

Another site that dared to be unique gets unplugged. Again.

Too bad. It was a water cooler for many who find most water cooler communities distasteful. But what can you do? No one will pay you to encourage or accommodate free thinking - all the money is committed to agendas. And everybody needs their efforts to be profitable today or they to feel cheated. Sad commentary for another day on another forum, apparently.

Few have the mental patience to tolerate a community of off-the-grid voices whirling through the process of clarifying corporate/media thoughtspeak. It's soooo not easy. And if you don't get anything out of it Aaron, well that's what it's about isn't it?

It looks like we are one step closer to a world of SEO forums that don't offend the talking heads. Boo-ray for those guys.

It's been...

fun loitering around these parts. Often an amusing read that now I'll have to find elsewhere. I can appreciate your openness about why you're closing. Sometimes you just have to put a sheet over something and call it done. Not quite sure why you just don't put it on the market for sale though? I'd imagine there is some other aspiring "Founder 2.0" out there somewhere.

Anyways, thanks for the interesting site while it lasted and best of luck with whatever your current focus is.

Threadwatch is probably the

Threadwatch is probably the only industry site I visit regularly - it'll be a genuine shame and loss if it closes.

I'm also genuinely sorry I couldn't contribute more as an editor - I'm stretched too thin as it is and have difficulty keeping my own sites updated - I came here to read industry news instead of investing time I don't have on feed reading. Was always happy to lend a hand clearing spam when I saw it, though.

I'm honestly not sure why you feel compelled to close Threadwatch, Aaron - it's an established and reputable site - and doesn't every site has it's challenging times to overcome?

Still, you're one of the most savvy people I know of in this industry and it's your property - would just be very sad to see the actual reader community built up here here having to disperse.

The Digg Homepage

The Digg Homepage
Automated community driven news sites further lessened the need for and value proposition of this site.

Hmmm for SEO/SEM related news Digg is noise central and no signal. Especially as they religiously digg down anything related to our field. I think there is still a value proposition for our own industry 'Digg' site.

Maybe that would be the answer, take the weight off your shoulders (and the editors) and install a Digg clone (1|2) and let the rest of us vote the stories. Then if people want to submit and promote their own blog material they are free too. As you say 'the best parts of the SEO market got more spread out on personal blogs'. For me the value was in having stories submitted centrally and the intelligent debate on them.

That might also open up the site to a wider audience, or at least let it define it's own level without being hijacked so easily.

Anyway it would be sad to see this community die off, like Natasha, I thought there had been an improvement recently. I know you have the bigger picture though Aaron so can respect your wishes.

*incidentally we actually developed a 'digg-like' voting module for Drupal. PM if you want to take a look at it. Seems other people have been working on the same thing.

Wow, I'm shocked

Can't believe I'm reading this. Wow. Sorry to hear it. I'll miss it.

Change Your Mind?

Aaron -
I'm sure a lot of us would like to change your mind. I was a regular visitor since long before I registered. I think we can all agree that things have started on a downhill path around here, but that doesn't mean that the project is not worth saving.

I realize it's probably not a big money earner, and it is a bit of a drag on time, but this is a project worth saving.

I have a few ideas of my own regarding things to change around here, but I'm no marketing expert and I'm no guru - just a regular reader who has come to appreciate this resource.

I do find it a bit strange that you've decided to shut it down rather than sell it. I'd be willing to buy it and continue to breathe life into this site, but I imagine there are plenty of others, including the site admins, who have resources to pay you a realistic fee for the site.

If you need help we're here to help. If you want the monkey off your back, that's understandable, but why not pass it on rather than shut it down?

Real Shame

I would be a real shame if TW closes. Perhaps what is needed it getting back to the original premise for the site, Watching Notable Forum Threads within the SEO Community.

Regardless, Many Thanks to Aaron, Dave for a great site and community. Not forgetting Nick of course for starting the whole ball rolling.


Sad to hear this. TW has been a great site for some time now and I will miss it.

If you are stuck for somewhere to redirect the traffic let me know. :-D


Aww man....I'll miss Threadwatch. But I know what effort this site would take, and the associated revenue - or lack thereof.

Thanks for keeping it going for so long, Aaron.


Sorry to read this Aaron. I thought this was a really interesting site, enjoyed the reads and discussions!

I will miss it.


It's a shame the site's going down. It's always one of my first pit stops of the morning. I always envisaged it as The Register for SEO.

Thanks for the hard work though!


It's a real shame to hear this place will be closed. The things I love most about Threadwatch is how it has a unique angle on SEO and the community here is brilliant

Shame to hear it go

Real Shame...

I agree with a lot of your comments Aaron, but its still very sad. From the comments in the post, it shows there is still a huge amount of respect for TW from the community.

So long ...

My first stop in the morning, but a lot of that's down to habit. The Google bashing and link bait get tired after a while. Whether Threadwatch closes or just changes hands, the timing is right.

Thanks Nick. Thanks Aaron. It's been a good couple of years.

Well, it might not be the

Well, it might not be the total end... whatever faults TW has, it's still SOOOO much better than 99.9% of the rest of the WWW. Once it's been gone a while, I think people will get that itch, and realise that maybe it wasn't so bad after all....

I've recently thought of the value here as having quality discussion rather than the speed and breadth of it in the "NickW era", something that's amazingly hard to find elsewhere. TW may be the largest concentration of quality SEO types anywhere

I am sad to hear this. :(

I am sad to hear this. :(

This was a great place...refreshing from the other forums.

I will have a liitle more free time now

So long and thanks for the fish...

Shheesh, Things change, that

Things change, that is good, But when a site like threadwatch dies, that makes me sad. I hope someone can run with it.
As you say Aaron, too many bloggs to go round in the time available, and most of the other SEO sites have their own agendas too.
Perhaps I will have to get out to the moots more instead :)

Like many others

this was my first read in the morning and then several times through the day. To see it go and be left with nothing that even approaches TW's down-to-earth approach to the world we work in is sad.

Thanks Aaron Dave & Nick

The Register for SEO.

That's exactly how I saw Threadwatch too.

Again, thanks Aaron, Dave & Nick. I still think the original idea of a centralised place to keep updated, and comment on issues, is a valid proposition. And I enjoyed the edginess.

Say It Ain't So

TW is top of my favourites list and the one SEO/SEM site I visit everyday without fail.

I'll add my name to the calls for the site to be passed on so it may continue in some form. I'm sure there are people who'd be happy to help with site admin (myself included).

Aaron Why Not Sell Instead of Dumping It?

Aaron, why not sell Threadwatch? I am sure you will get quite a few elite bidders for the sell of the site. It comes across that this is spur of the moment idea, but I am sure you have probably been thinking about letting this go for some time. Myself, I enjoyed Threadwatch and thought it was a worthy source of information as well as felt enlightened by its topic (basically it made me think).

In any event, I am sorry to see it go...but I think you should consider a quick sale of the site opposed to having it fall out of existence forever. Best of luck to you.

It's the Girlfriend's fault

but after I got a girlfriend I started appreciating the value

Aaron goes out a gets a girlfriend and this place goes down the tubes; coincidence? I say it's all the girlfriend's fault.

How ironic

How ironic is this? First Jason ditches his SEM site and now we have Threadwatch. LOL

Aaron, you should definitely sell to keep the site alive; heck, even Search Engine Forums is still around. ;)

One thing I'm sure of. Aaron

One thing I'm sure of. Aaron is a smart guy and I'm sure as difficult as this is to read for the most ardent TW fan, it had to be a lot harder for Aaron to have to make the decision in the first place. I personally admire his intestinal fortitude to be able to look at something that he is fully aware of it's impact and let it go when it makes sense to let it go. I think that ability to face difficult decisions and let logic rule over emotion is rare.

I too tried the, "but what if" and every weak, unsubstantiated argument I made, he had strong, well thought-out counterpoints that convinced me he had not gone into this announcement lightly. He had some very valid points that made a lot of sense as soon as I was able to wrap my head around just not wanting to face change.

To me, the value of TW was never the topics. As was pointed out, any RSS feed gives plenty of topics. The value was the quality of the character of so many of the people who would comment on those topics. Not all of course because there was certainly plenty of personal agendas to wade through, but to have a single destination where you could get a glimpse not of a topic, but of what so many of the best minds in the industry "thought" of that topic, that was unique. Too bad it doesn't pay better.

Thanks, Aaron!!

I'm not a contributor, not even a regular commenter, but I loved having Threadwatch in my RSS reader. It was refreshing, fun and informative. Good luck with whatever project you want to tackle next!

Darn, Darn, Darn

A real shame to lose this information source, I've read loads of breaking stories on TW over the years which just weren't covered elsewhere.

Plus, you've made Ekky cry now :oD

You made Eccy cry?

You nasty man!

Seriously though Aaron, I'm a bit of a Johnny come lately to TW, but have valued it highly over the last year or so. As someone who merely contributes to a number of blogs, I can appreciate how much effort keeping TW going must be.

All the best.

Aaron goes out a gets a

Aaron goes out a gets a girlfriend and this place goes down the tubes; coincidence? I say it's all the girlfriend's fault.

Yep first The Beatles, then this eh?

Actually though, it's a bit of a coincidence that Aaron started hanging out with the domainers then TW goes offline. He probably realises now he can make more with the traffic/domain name than he ever did on the adverts at the top.


I hope you do find a way to keep this online though. If you need some development help then let me know.

That's too sad

TW is one of the few pages living in a persistent tab in my FF window. And it's an archive of bright ideas and outstanding discussions. I really hope you can keep it online, even w/o updates, until a taker comes by.

If it does go..

I'll miss it. Its the only search community I enjoy because the arguments and discussion are of a much higher quality. Other community sites I have tried are over run with beginners, egocentric, or juvenile.

Well dang...

Well shoot Aaron, everything you say makes sense and I respect that but damn! This sucks.

I've been reading Threadwatch for a bit now, and hadn't registered yet (procrastination - I thought Threadwatch would always be here tomorrow!) so now I had to register just to be able to comment.

Thanks so much for the work you've put into the site Aaron, it's a wonderful resource and a great place for people trying to get into SEO to get a feel for the field and its community. I wish you could come up with a way to keep it around, or sell it or whatever, but you're an astute dude, so I'm sure you have good reasons for the decision you made.

Can't fault us for being really sad about it though. As I learned more and more about SEO, I started getting ideas for some articles to submit here - but I guess I'll have to find new places for that. *sigh*

Well, Aaron, good luck with stuff, hope people don't come down on you too hard for closing shop here, and see ya over at SEObook!

Oh - do you plan on keeping up an archive of the site at all? So we can still access stories? Please say yes!

It's been fun

That's too bad, I'm going to miss TW. Best of luck though Aaron



Far Better

Far better to pay more attention to the girlfriend than added hours each day on the keyboard. The rewards are soooo much better.
Shutting it seems extreme however, you have a brand that could be of value to some younger SEO type out there. Float the site for sale maybe?
Best to you Aaron.

A Case Study

It's always hard letting something go, especially something you've invested both time and money into. But sometimes its the best thing to do to move forward. I think you should do a case study on your experience since purchasing threadwatch. I don't know if you'd want to go into all the details but I'd love to see what the subscriptions numbers were and are, the rate of decline and what lessons you've learned from the experience. Not sure if you'd be interested in getting that personal with it but I'm sure you could make it a benefit to your readers.

He should keep it up of

He should keep it up of course and sell links from the posts.

Don't shut it down

Threadwatch rocks! Don't shut it down.

Edgy = good. That's why we're all here reading it.

The site is fine. Maybe someone else could take it over?

linkbait ;)

linkbait ;)

Sad to see the nail in the coffin

Sad to see the nail in the coffin but it has been going under ground for some time. The titles in my reader were getting so false and ridiculous or for link bait that I couldn't even take stuff seriously lately. Like checkout line tabloids, its great when in the mood for it, but not for serious stuff. It never seemed to go with Aaron's blog, personality or serious ventures.

Well that sucks, this is one

Well that sucks, this is one place I have watched regularly since it started. Why not sell it to someone who wants to take on the effort of redoing the site?


funny that we announce it's the end of TW,

but where is the TW spirit,,

you know .. "it was shit anyway",,, "fuck you guys I hate you" ..

Did you all just go soft lol :)


Oh, no

I'd really be sorry to see Threadwatch go. It's one of half a handful that I visit daily, because I found the topics, breadth of community and comments valuable.

You know, no matter what you do, there will always be complainers. And we don't all always appreciate the same thing, or the same thing for the same reasons.

Because, sure, there are other sites, but they're not Threadwatch, ya know?

Did you all just go soft lol :)

TW was where I read the most shite and the most sense. And even the crap you didn't agree with was often interesting.

And the mixture of tossers, saints and sinners was what gave it its soul. I read it every day. Thanks to all who helped run it.

Aaron and Dave.You've both

Aaron and Dave.

You've both done an amazing job with TW (especially Aaron) but with the stresses and time constraints of real life and other money making businesses to focus upon I know it hasn't been easy.

You both know I have loved this site and been part of it since the early days with Nick, when he spawned this baby. I would love to take the teenager TW has become and help mould her into an adult. I don't have another web property that will potentialy compete with my time at the moment and to be frank it seems a massive pity to see this place die!


Can I formally and publically offer to take the site over and run it in the old style?


Internet radio gets shut down in July, TW shuts down in June, whats next?

This sucks!

I will really miss the free-wheeling style of TW

Go Jason!

Sounds like a match made in heaven.

i'm crying manly tears


TW has been the first site i visit, every day for years. i've always found TW to have a consistently higher level of discourse than any other community out there, and i've always enjoyed the commentary of knowledgeable peers. i even enjoy the shit-talking and snark. aaron and dave, thanks to both of you for tending the fires as long as you did.

Link bait

Do you all realize that this whole "threadwatch shutting down" could actually be the best linkbait ever? How many other sites are going to report and link to the fact that threadwatch is closing?

a)It hasn't been shut down yet.
b)Aaron could always change his mind "due to the uproar" and "due to popular demand".

This post screams "link bait" if I've ever seen one. LOL

I Visit Here Often..

... I like the edginess and stuff.

I reckon your bottling out because your a shade insecure Aaron.

I've enjoyed being here but think your a fucking pussy for baling out

My real address is in the system here so just to let any other arse kissers know this isn't an anonymous post.

I read the word wanker mentioned a lot here - nice really as I'm a Brit and it's part of the lingo.

I think you're a wanker bottling it....

digg it

Let's all digg it and tell Aaron that threadwatch shouldn't shut down.

Please contact me aaron as i will buy it

Please email me at

stating the price you would like for it and if agreed i can have the money in your account by the weekend.


I think you're a wanker bottling it....

With comments like that, I'm sure you'll hear the word "wanker" a lot more on this site Davy. Look, I'm giving you a special "Wave".



You ran a great site. I know it became a bit muddy at times, but it is still my first (and last) stop of the day. I wish I had contributed more.


I'm behind you, JasonD

A community site belongs to to the community as well as the owner. The community should have a chance to keep it alive if the owner gets tired or needs a change.

I'm behind you, JasonD.

my vote's on


Thanks Aaron, thanks Dave - and now get on with it!

Marvelous job, thankless task, well executed, etc. yadda yadda - and you know I'm serious: Read my blog today and you'll see I'm putting my links where my words are, linking the walk.

Linkbait? Sometimes I would've wished that TW were really that nefariously blackhattish LOL.

With that hopefully out of the way, do please take a stand now and don't keep silently watching the members gripe and yipe: There's an offer on the table (kudos, Jason - you know what you're doing and what you'll be in for, so the very best of luck etc.) - take it up, turn it down, whatever, but do infuse some tangible structure into this thingy. Puleeeze.

Re Hmmm

Wot a fucking thrill Mr Monkey - I'll give you a special Monk for that.

Come on guys even our favorite mate "Dougie" is still in there and surely you're giving the prick a field day there with all the LOL, back slapping arse lickers that frequent that wondrous bullet - in board

if this is real, LAME...

Hi Aaron,

If this is real, it's really lame. Lamer than the lame posts that I submitted and that no one really made many comments on. (lol).

I look at threadwatch much like I look at slash dot. It is both an aggregator and a forum where people can dish about their favorite subject, in this case... SEO/SEM. It may not always have the most current, exciting, etc. news but it pulls those threads out from other sources and collates them into a centralized place so you don't have to read all of the other primary or secondary sources out there just to discover the interesting tid bits. You still are better served by reading some one's take at TW then going to the primary/secondary sources and making your own opinion than by having to slog through hundreds of other sources just to find the jewels. Probably using this phrase wrong, but ... crowdsourcing, eh?

TW has a community. We love that TW is a free resource. Maybe I'm ignorant on this front, but just how much maintenance/attention/server cost does TW set you back if the adverts aren't covering things? It's a form and CMS system. Does it break often or ? Are you paying the editors? Seems like the place runs itself. Would paypal or similar donations help? A yearly membership?

If you are just closing strictly because of post frequency/quality... There are times of feast and famine in the SEO industry as far as news and posts. I'm sure you know that. This is similar to most other industries. And, thats OK.

Perhaps think about integrating TW into a new or existing seo site or something. I don't know. Anyway, if this is real, very lame. /sigh.


I'll say what everyone else is afraid to say. This place went down hill after Nick left. It completely lost all of its edge and humor. This place doesn't need someone who is a strong leader. It needs someone with an attitude.

Just another site that Andy

Just another site that Andy Hagans has ****ed up. When will it end?


Not likely linkbait IMO... If anything I would say its SellBait

No. No. No. No. No. No! NO! NOO!!!

No. Unacceptable. Nope. Uh-uh.

I don't know what this site used to be, but I know what it is now. It is the ONLY seo site with a personality. It is exciting BECAUSE it is not like the rest. It is the first of two sites I check daily and the only one I check on through out the day.

The difference is that it is not just technical advice that is being offered, which any site can do, it is that opinion is part of the show here. It is like the philosophical tip of the seo spear. There are visionaries here who help to clarify where we are and where we are going; also where we should not go. Therefore, this is just as important of a site, if not more important, than the nickel and dime sites everywhere else.

When the Brits or whoever, invented soccer, they did not know that in one area it would evolve into American Football and the National Football League. Likewise, what this site has become may or not be what it was intended to be, initially. But, as one stands on the field at, say, Lambeau, who would argue that it is not a superior game than its parent?

This site is mandatory. It must live on. If it means Aaron has less, little, or casual input, so be it. Other team members will fill up the slack. But this community is very unique and should not be cast aside. Its platform and flavor is unlike any others. It is necessary.

Aaron, how about instead of the eviction notices, you put forth what it would take from us to keep this site online. We're willing and listening...

Guys, especially redclaw and

Guys, especially redclaw and clubbin714,

You're both right and both wrong.

The physical costs for TW aren't small, but they aren't that large either. I can cover them, and I know Dave and Aaron can as well.

The problem with TW isn't the direct costs but the indirect time and as clubbin714 said the personality that spends that time here.

Nick had it in abundance, Nick made this place and Aaron tried to continue it, but he isn't Nick and has a different personality. Not better, not worse, just different.

Aaron was (and is) man enough to realise this and enlisted DaveN to assist, but things happened in both of their businesses that meant that other priorities (like doing work that gives a direct and tangible financial benefit) took presidence. Let's be blindingly honest here. Can you blame them?

Saying that they tried hard to continue TW in the old mould and couldn't find the time to commit whilst balancing it with those real world earning routes they were travelling.

Aaron is literally Mr SEO Book, and Dave is literally the SEO man in the UK / Northern Europe. They both have POWERFUL, earning brands that had to be kept up or lost.

TW markets to the search crowd, not paying customers, so I can NOT and WILL NOT blame them for its downfall. I also don't want to hear a bad word against Nick for selling TW in the 1st place. He had an opportunity to undertake, a once in a lifetime opportunity for most people, working with Patrick Gavin to build something amazing.

They both built performancing and you know what, for all it ended up to be it was fucking amazing and if I was in Nick's shoes at that point in time I might have made the same decision to GO FOR IT.

Aaron, Dave and Nick have ALL given obscene amounts of energy time and effort into this place with close to fuck all in direct rewards. Aaron and Dave have arguably lost more than they have gained in being involved with TW as they already had huge brands and businesses before their TW involvement.

Me, I simply love the place and have loads of time and am a bigger wanker (though not fatter) than Aaron, Dave and Nick put together. Some of you know of my personal situation at the moment and for those that don't, I have more time available than I had for many months.

Will I fuck TW up?

I doubt it, but who knows!

I just hope that this place doesn't die but if it does then the search community as a whole will deal with the loss and we will all still bump into each other at events, gigs and of course the SERPs.

The community will not die, we will simply not bitch at each other in one central place for a while :)

definitely a sellbait play,

definitely a sellbait play, i agree :)

it wouldn't make sense to just "close" the site, it's got tremendous traction and the community (noisy and ragtag as it is) has an identity. there's always going to be a need for this type of forum.

it does need to grow up though. more time investment, better editorial integrity, more quality. this is just growing pains, get with the program or pass the site on to hungrier hands.

P.S. I am off home now to

P.S. I am off home now to play with my 2 kids before they go to bed.

If Dave or Aaron want to phone me on my mobile or home number, feel free guys :)

It is the people that make

It is the people that make this place great.

Thanks for Threadwatch

Threadwatch is one of the sites I visit daily, really sorry to hear it is closing down. I'm hoping someone buys it so it can continue. It can't have been easy to keep this site up and current or hear the negatives when working so hard to keep it interesting. Aaron, Dave and Nick, thanks for all the hard work you've put into this site.

Oilman needs to buy it.

We've already had a Brit and an American run the place. Lets get a Canadian next.


I think we should build a pyre and burn rcjordan:

tw is dead... least in its current life, imho. Times have changed. Social is not so social anymore ...more of "MY blog and 10,000 blogs like mine." Also, I think the era of linkbait-screaming-titles has devalued social in general and TW in particular.

*cough* Absentee ownership hasn't helped TW, either.

That was in a thread from a few months back. I felt obliged to disagree, but the last few months have proved him prescient. There always was the feeling that Aaron was never quite at ease with his new baby, never quite sure how to dress it in public, nor how far to let it test the boundaries. And I suppose it was never going to play well with it's siblings, not as they began to mature. And then the Spinal Tap Girlfriend moment.

I've never really stopped doing behind the scenes admin stuff, but my posting has fersure gone down; too much to do and better suited to being a cleaner than a creator, but fuck it I shall miss this place if it goes. Can Aaron just hive it off to Jason, or does he need to make the break clean and absolute? Dunno. And as my PM has been bust for months (or has everyone's?), I guess all conversations need to be out here.

If someone takes over the reins then I should be delighted and a tiny bit honoured to carry on blocking fuckwits and slapping linkdroppers. Here's hoping. And thanks to Aaron and Nick for everything to date.

Oh this sucks



Say it aint so. What is the problem, really?

To those saying there's no reason to close TW

Are you saying that Aaron couldn't find another use for a domain with 131,000 aged backlinks themed around SEO?

Moderators --

Aaron.. the guys and girls that are moderators and members here might want to help out... I mean financially contribute to the site .. help run it .. help with the coding issues..

The point I am trying to make is that you are not alone on this and perhaps over the course of the past few years this site has built a following that could 'save it' in a sense.


dude it's more than 131,000 backlinks... it's a real site.. with real people contributing to it... I myself spent time every day researching stories and posting what I thought would be good for Threadwatch members..

well damn

Well damn - lets hope someone can give it the kiss of life, maybe even a face lift.
Thanks for all your work Aaron.

I'm gonna miss having somewhere to try and hijack threads by pointlessly correcting people on irrelevancies like this:

When the Brits or whoever, invented soccer, they did not know that in one area it would evolve into American Football and the National Football League.

It didn't evolve into anything - it stayed as Football. Sure, a small part of it mutated into 'American Football', but the larger part stayed as football.

it's more than 131,000 backlinks... it's a real site..

And that's the whole point!

lol, I only just signed up!

lol, I only just signed up! Oh well. Maybe there will be a resurrection, or someone else will take the reins and drive the site on?


As Nick Wilsdon and The Founder wrote

Moderators -- Aaron.. the guys and girls that are moderators and members here might want to help out... I mean financially contribute to the site .. help run it .. help with the coding issues..

I'd be more than happy to financially contribute to the site (especially since my time has been so pressed over the last few months and have not been able to contribute much other than cleaning and approving). Tell me how and how much Aaron.

Founder, Maybe my phrasing


Maybe my phrasing was poor. I'm not voting for TW to be shut down, only pointing out that it's a valuable site for other reasons over and above the community we've got here. Personally, I'd like to see Jason take it on. He has the connections, industry knowledge and big mouth that're are necessary for the job. ;)


Aaron, so sorry to hear about this. TW was one of my daily top reads. I, for one, am going to miss the unique character, story blend and discussion it offered.

Sorry to see it go...

Aaron - I'm sorry to see Threadwatch go.

While I do understand the forum's sort of identity crisis -- the dichotomy of desiring to be or having the history of an edgy opinion/news site while also having a good enough reputation to attract high-quality contributors -- I feel like it served a beneficial niche.

The openness of allowing all sorts of posts and the philosophy of encouraging outlinks was really pretty refreshing, compared to some of the over-policing of other major forums. Even though I frequently disagreed with the authors of many posts here, I thought it was great to have a platform that allowed this demographic to express their opinions and feelings.

Threadwatch has had that edgy sort of cutting-edge feeling that Usenet had back in its heyday before it became too spammed-up for anyone to hang out in anymore.

If you really do shut it down, where will the central forum be for the deeply cynical, fringier component of the search marketing industry? Many of the frequent contributors might well feel that they're losing their voice when this goes. Even if they do personal blogging, their blogs are unlikely to be able to achieve the audience they had here.

Weird to find myself saying this, but I'll miss it. How many other sites have the bollocks of a Threadwatch?



Aaron - Sorry to hear the news, this is one of the few sites that goes well with my morning cup of coffee.

How much is google paying

How much is google paying you to take it down?


Seriously Aaron, thanks for the effort, I appreciate everything you've done.

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