I hope Kottke has a better plan that this....

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Doing kottke.org as a full-time job
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Famous (though lord knows why..) blogger Jason kottke has given up his day job and is now holding out his hand for Kottke.org fans to feed him.

I'm asking the regular readers of kottke.org (that's you!) to become micropatrons of kottke.org by contributing a moderate sum of money to help enable me to edit/write/design/code the site for one year on a full-time basis. If you find kottke.org valuable in any way, please consider giving whatever you feel is appropriate.

It's not that i mind the idea of contributions, it's not a dreadful idea in itself, but if that's his only idea for income generation on his website then he could well be up shit creek before too long...

It's both amusing and a little sad to see bloggers make such monumental mistakes, it was disagreeing with Yahoo's Russel Beattie over the idea of micropayments for blogging as a business model that led him to have a little foot stomp and ban my IP - Well, i just can't see donations, or micropayments for blogging as coming anywhere close to a viable business model.

Naturally, the "a list bloggers" and the "wanna be a listers" are falling over themselves to pat him on the back and congratulate him on his move. I wonder if any of them will be a good enough friend to tell him not to hand in his p45 just yet, or better still, come up with a real business model?

I hope im wrong for his sake, he may bore the arse off me but crikey, who'd wish that on anyone?


maybe you're just an old cyni

maybe you're just an old cynic Nick...

or not...

i agree with NickW on this one. it's a big move/jump to make. and if your only model is to 'ask for money for three weeks' and then go on to say there must be something other than advertising for publishers ... well, that's kinda insane in my book.

don't get me wrong. i want to do the same thing, but i've been working on a business plan for a couple years now, putting things into place before i make the leap...

Jason Kottke Turns Beggar

If you haven't heard, Jason quit his job and is asking his readers to pay him to blog. I like reading kottke.org.

Will Blog For Food

That's sad. He'd have to blog like Spinoza to make a living. Now, if he could blog like Ambrose Bierce, then he might get rich... ;)

*rolls eyes*


to be fair about the situatio

to be fair about the situation, if you did the same thing Nick - without any other income stream - I bet you would find that you had enough to live on.

each person who is the first person who is noted to do something gets a bonus out of the deal...like the market can always support a few people in each niche.

I'm not sure there's a "niche" market

for beggars with bowls in this day and age - outside of Buddhist monasteries....

The problems with this sort of thing are endemic.... If the dork actually makes a living off of the rest of you for a year, what's that saying to others who may be looking for an easy way to live off the rest of you?

And of course, if the rest of you help this dork live without doing anything useful for a year or however long, I envision a very great deal of "copycatting" - ugh.

He'll get some, but not a living

I think making a living via donations on the web is near impossible. He'd probably make 10x more from running adsense.

Donations are unlikely to do

Donations are unlikely to do it. Advertising and a book deal might.

There was a guy in the UK who, at the height of the late 90's market boom, mortgaged his house to see if he could live off the sharemarket. What made him the money was the book deal he got talking about same. I'm pretty sure he made nothing (or worse) on the sharemarket.

So, ya never know.

I stole a good quote, always found it to be true myself - ""Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectivness. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves, too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. The whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one's favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material his way. I have learned a deep respect for one of Goethe's couplets: 'Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.'From W.H. Murray, "The Scottish Himalayan Expedition"


I know a lot of guys who post on blogs full time for employment.

Good for him. ;)

The only thing I see wrong

If he had advertising or sponsorship no one would bat an eyelid, it is the donations I think have peoples backs up or excited. Superstar bloggers can live handsomely off advertising and traditional monetization of being a commentator (by traditional I mean print column/article writing, lecture tour/speaking engagements, book deal as already noted).

Books unfortunately unless best sellers are not great cash cows. You actually earn more per word writing articles usually and the money comes sooner while the stress isnt so great. Speaking is best for cash - couple of hours work, expenses and only have to deal with twits in the Q&A, not long after ;O)


hahahahaha ... I know loads of poeple that make lots of money just posting on other people blogs too..


you can definetely make a good living

lmao, you guys crack me up :)

It's more legit than

holding a bunny hostage: http://www.savetoby.com

I can't believe he actually got more than 15K in donations.

His site should be defaced.

It's still new but the moment the newness wears off

I wonder how many people will be willing to donate. Blogs are (becoming) mainstream now and his fame will last as long as the next "let's go there, we have a hype" blogger comes along. Basically each business model that is based on the goodness of other people tends to fail. That may sound cynical,well, heck it is, but unfortunately it seems to work that way. I never heard of Kottke before (might have something to do with the fact that I live in China, maybe), then all the hype about his business model started and luckily for him that still continues. I wish any blogger as much income as possible but to keep it realistic and viable some advertising will work more wonders long term than charity. But what do I know!


savetoby is a hoax/joke .. you knew that, right? :O)

What does he make?

I did an [url=http://www.utterbollocks.com/2005/03/how-do-they-make-money-jason-kottke.html ]analysis of his business plan[/url] some weeks ago.

The conclusion I reached was

that Jason Kottke attracts 25,000 visitors a day, and has 600 patrons. If you assume, for no good reason, that they average $50 a head it gets him to an income of $30,000 a year. I suspect that it is more than that with a few large donations, but the lack of any advertising certainly cuts the potential for any large income.

Whilst that is a modest sum by what can be achieved by a specialist site on AdSense, he is going to be pushed to make that on AdSense on his site

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