Matt Cutts : Google will reduce cookie expire time


Matt Cutts noted in his blog that Google is considering to limit the cookie expire time from it's current multi-decade setup to something much lower.

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Moot Point

Most "tech people" I know replace their computers every 12-36 months. Most "non tech" people every 2-5 years. I've got computers I've had longer, but the OS/hard disk has been wiped to remove spyware/adware/badware or just plain major OS version changes. I'm sure the number of people who actually use the same computer for without cleaning/reformatting/replacing/upgrading the hard drive for more than 5 years are a very very small percentage.

So does reducing the cookie length really matter or is the point moot, and this comes down to some public posturing to "flip the bit" on the tidal wave of negative press?

Negative press...

I would have to agree that Google is doing some spinning to show the public that "Google cares". I believe Google could have handled everything better with this privacy report than just using a smear campaign. Getting defensive just makes you look guilty...

Matt is giving it a good

Matt is giving it a good shot but it I'm afraid even the Cuttlets are non-plussed.

This problem won't go away that easily, they might have to actually do something besides float some reassuring comments on an unofficial blog.

It's gonna take more than that

Before they can roll in that yummy personalization data they have laying around without scaring Joe sixpack to high heaven.

Not a bad start to discrediting the tinfoil hatters though.


The Google 38 year cookie has been a privacy "problem" for years and years and Google is just now, after getting slapped around over Privacy, thinking about reducing the the time the google cookies are stored.

Lame Matt... Very Lame...

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