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Corporate blogs, written well.
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Chris Wetherell, a Google UI engineer is talking about corporate blogs. In particular, about Search Engine corporate blogs.

He says he enjoys the Yahoo Blog and Jeeves' but:

The Google Blog hasn't caught up yet. It's a surprising mis-representation - the culture we work in is fast, decisive, and colloquial but the blog voice is stiff. It's your not-so-cool uncle unbuttoning his shirt, listening to The Postal Service (but only the single of Such Great Heights) and proclaiming that Yeah, I totally dig your stuff you kids, this hip-hop speaks to me too. Um. Dogg. *flashes hang ten sign*.

He doesn't mention MSN's blog at all, and frankly, I don't blame him.

I'd have to agree that out of the four major SE blogs Yahoo! and Jeeves are the best, and also that Googles effort *is* stiff. MSN's effort is equally stuffy, and in my opinion, both of the larger companies need to loosen up a little. Having said that though, Yahoo's blog is really only good in comparison to the others, it too, is a little formal for my liking.

Maybe the Jeeves blog gets it due to Mark Fletcher of newly aquired Bloglines influence, and perhaps the other SE's should follow suit and lean on employee's that understand the medium to kick thier blogging efforts into something that would vaguely approximate interesting...

Yahoo could rely a little more on Jeremy Zawodny, Google could re-hire Mark Jen, he may have been a prize idiot but he's at least interesting... I've no idea what MSN could do to improve their blog. Give up would be favorite...

thanks phil


Microsoft don't need to

Microsoft have hundreds of bloggers, they do get blogging. Even BillG is talking about seeing if he can fit blogging into his schedule. If you want "interesting" you need to seek out individuals blogs, not the corporate blog - that goes for *any* company.

Mark Jen...interesting!!

Don't think MJ's output for the last week has been "interesting"

I guess the guy in G's PR dept that writes it is stuck for things he is allowed to say

Moreover who ever heard of a Blogger, particularly an unemployed Blogger, donating their Adsense earning to charity!


on both counts - MS blogs can be very interesting, but i do mean their corporate search blog - and Mark Jen has been dull as dishwater for his past few entries....

The Canute Business Blogging Barometer

So, many corporations are trying to figure out what they should do about this blogging phenomenon. It struck me that there should be a handy scale so that corporations


picks up the story...

bit late though, bless 'em

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