SEO is Dying - The Search Engines Do Not Love You - Wake Up!

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The Business of Search Engines and Advertising - Look Out!
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I was making a point on the laughable debate on ethics going on over at SEW the other day that went like this:

it's not a pink fluffy world out there. It's a dirty, scheming money making world, always has been.

The SE's do not love you and they could care less about whether you are "ethical" or not, they care about revenue...

In the threadlink above Jim Hedger of confirms this beleif as he talks about an article at clikz entitled Overture, Google Reach Out to Agencies.

Despite the wishful thinking, hoping and general brown nosing teen idol like simpering drivel we see on seo forums on a daily basis from naive SEO business virgins, Google and Yahoo are stil running businesses and they do not care about SEO's or SEM's and why should they?

The future of search involves money, lots and lots of money. Even at the idealistic Googleplex campus, money is considered both a necessary evil and a pleasant obsession. Efforts to make search a profitable enterprise have been around since the first banner was displayed at Infoseek but it took nearly a decade to find the highly profitable model of pay-per-click programs. With the innovation of contextual distribution of paid ads and the corresponding trends towards localized and personalized search, business interest in paid-advertising propelled Google and Overture’s businesses from sexy to super-model status. Today, public interest in search is at its highest peak and continues to grow. Ironically, (if my email in-box can be considered a representative sample), most people seem interested in how organic search results are generated while the most interesting developments are being developed to facilitate paid search. Localized search is thought to be worth nearly $1Billion over the next two years. As search engines begin to offer personalized results, deliverance of user-targeted advertising brings the promise of even more advertising revenues. The key to the rapid growth of paid-search advertising is the massive distribution of ads across a wide array of platforms such as Gmail, newspapers and privately owned websites. When you can absolutely guarantee a listing will be shown beside the Top10 and in literally millions of other locations under ad-specific keyword phrases, it is easy to get Big Business’ attention. When you only charge them if a user actually clicks on the ad, the sale becomes that much simpler. As budgets become bigger and placement campaigns become more complex, the search firms are moving in the logical direction, towards the piles of money. This necessary tendency has had an effect on search engine marketing and the firms that provide it.

The major search engines are not terribly interested in organic optimization or the small search engine marketing companies any more. At least not this quarter. While there is great value in high organic rankings, that value is only seen by those who have high rankings, not by the search firms themselves. SEM firms offering PPC management face difficulties with the search firms as the small business part of the sector (the vast majority of SEO and SEM shops), simply don’t bring enough revenues on a case by case basis to make supporting or encouraging them worthwhile.