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Weblog Tools Market - Update February 2005
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Interesting analysis of the market share of the popular blogging tools by Elise Bauer. She used Google to come up with the rough approximations and does aknowlege some caveats - it's probably a pretty good picture though, and some of you will find this most useful im sure.

Last August in An Overview of the Weblog Tools Market the concept of a Weblog Tools Use Index was introduced - the degree to which Google spidered pages associated with certain weblog tools, with the proposal that this number could be used as a proxy for the extent to which the tools are being used, and therefore give some indication of "share" of use. To reduce the confusion that that terminology caused, in this article the sum of the number of websites linking to a weblog tool URL and the number of websites containing the URL will simply be the factor used to determine comparative percentages, or "Google Share".

thanks mary


LOL, UKGimp, you've taken the

LOL, UKGimp, you've taken the words right out of my mouth!

Pretty but not correct

If you look at the results using Yahoo, MSN and Google you will come up with a different picture. But it doesn't matter, because if you are looking to do naughty things, you also don't care who has the largest market share. You just care that there are enough workable pages to make it worth your time.

Who is the biggest blogging service of all?

Elise Bauer has conducted a couple studies of market share in the blogosphere. I originally found this story on Scoble's Link Blog and tracked it back to Blogging Roller and, in turn, to Threadwatch. From there I did what any other Google nut would do and I ran a search for the original study. I found the link to Elise's site on the Six Apart blog. The analysis is pretty detailed and very interesting. The oft quoted graph (just beneath this paragraph) clearly illustrates Blogger's overwhelming popularity, follows closely by LiveJournal and TypePad.

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