Digg.com Caters to Spammers


Digg have back themselves into a corner by editing or burying many of the commercial submissions. It looks as though they intend to capture a bit of that commercial market they have despised:

They hope to provide a system whereby people can Digg just about anything, from restaurants, products, images and not just news and videos. ... They hope to look at what kind of stories you have previously dugg and suggest similar stories to you that they think you will like.

Can they retrain users to think commercial = good after they trained them commercial = spam? As Digg moves away from tech toward commercial interests what are the odds that the signal to noise ratio is greater than 1 in 100? Will Digg eventually offer a paid inclusion service?


George Orwell

Why does this remind me of Animal Farm, where the pigs eventually learned to walk on two legs.

"four legs good ... two legs better"

Or a classic Warner Bros. cartoon

Duck season!
Wabbit season!
Duck season!
Wabbit season!
Wabbit season!
Duck season!

I for one think that a photo

I for one think that a photo section could be a horrible thing if it is segregated like the video section is. I used to look at videos I found on dugg all the time, because I browse the home page on "everything" mode, and that is about it. So back when videos made it to the main home page, I saw them, Now, I remember to go look maybe once a month tops.

If photos end up segregated like that, I'll never see them again.

//edited blatant linkdrop

We need a good video representation here...


This classic with the Japanese subtitles raWks...

sounds fine to me. if

sounds fine to me.

if commercial recommendations are separated out from the news, that's fair play.

amazon manages to do a good job with this. editorial review (i.e. ad), user reviews (real, sortable by stars so you can look at the bottom if it's shills).

very different than marketers ganging up to try to fake news out of their tripe.

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