Online Content Moving Offline


Yesterday Google announced Google Gears, to help make online applications work offline. Yesterday Apple also announced that they will be syndicating YouTube content to Apple TV. Today RealNetworks announced that their player will allow you to download videos to your hard drive. From the WSJ:

When users of the software visit a compatible video-sharing site, which RealNetworks says includes Google Inc.'s YouTube, a small download button appears next to the video window on the site. Videos downloaded to users' hard drives are then available for viewing through the RealPlayer application on their computers. The user can also burn the clips to CD -- or DVD with a premium version of the software that costs extra -- and share Web links to the original videos with friends.

EMI just signed a deal with YouTube. Now all 4 of the biggies are YouTube partners. The web is moving offline. I have to imagine that hurts copyright. How does it affect real time ad auctions?


Great Headline!

People will always want to save their "stuff" as much as we think everything will be online.

Moving offline, or just returning?

The videos are not created online, then download to be viewed offline.. they are created offline, uploaded online and downloaded back offline again... that's, what, FTP 2.0?

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