Google bitch slapped by Baidu


Global growth is a pipe dream if you can't crack China and it looks like google met its Waterloo. Probably reason #1 why the stock price is stalled.

Baidu understands Chinese better - proof positive that google is more social phenomena than anything else and that is a pretty weak model.

Remember Hula hoops?



Baidu’s detractors claim that the company abets music piracy and pads the top of its search results with paid listings. But the success and popularity of the company’s search engine is undeniable.

Hmm, you could say that Google's detractors say the same sort of things.

(Xu left the company in 2004.)

Anyone know why?


google is more social phenomena than anything else

That's the best Goo definition I've read in a while!

From what I hear they aren't too hot in Russia, either.

What about the other Asian countries? Anyone know how well Goo's performing in Japan? India? Thailand? Might make for an interesting study in failed cultural engineering...

Google in Asia

#2 - Japan (behind Yahoo)
#2 - China (behind Baidu)
#? (<2% market share) - Korea (behind just about everybody)

Those are the ones I know off the top of my head. Google does well in English speaking markets. Big parts of India, Singapore, Hong Kong seem to have better Google placement among the locals.

From what I hear they aren't

From what I hear they aren't too hot in Russia, either.

Yes, they have made a few % points over the last year to finally take No.2 position over Rambler but Yandex still dominates the market here (Goog - 21% - Yandex 55%)

Yandex isn't staying still either, they won the Google contract for contextual from to give them another 5% market share and recently added LiveJournal to their search network which gives them advertising on 1m blogs in Russia and surrounding (ex-USSR) countries.

English + Western seems to be the key

They're strong (#1) in Germany and AFAIK (no time to look it up on the fly right now) in France + Spain, probably Italy as well, which kind of covers the lion's share of the EU countries.

But of course language is only one part of the equation. Factors like cultural savvy + skills plus strong strategic partnerships are just as critical if not more so.

Which is where their real weak points and soft spots are. Case in point: When Eric Schmidt launched his recent statements on Google hoping to tell you one day which career to choose etc., this pissed off about 90% of the Brussels politicos and arguably nixed years and years of moderately successful PR work if not millions (billions?) of dollars both spent so far and still ahead of them otherwise in pure profits - the immediate response being the EU commission's announcement of an investigation into Google's privacy policies for possible violations of EU laws and regulations.

And while I'm certainly no friend of the EU bureaurats myself, this episode does go to show how easy it is to kill all your business opportunities in one fell swoop with only a handful of less than stellar public announcements.

Because for all their social engineering skills within the US context, they've proven to be remarkably blunt and heavy handed almost everywhere else...


The article on search engineland where they discus the differences between east and west in terms of layout preferences was interesting

Google's not doing well in coutrys where there are strong chauvinistic tendencies ? "I’me shocked shocked at such a suggestion" he says (doing my best inspector reanaut impersonation)

Though Eric needs some better minders, he does seem to have a tendancy to put his foot in his mouth – though I suspect some lobbying by Belgian MEP’s beholden to the newspapers that had go in the courts at Google recently might have gone on here.

Larry Sergy – I’me available as a spindoctor/consultant :-) have your people call me I say that only half joking as a probably could get them some friends in high places if they wanted to.

Au contraire

Google's not doing well in coutrys where there are strong chauvinistic tendencies ?

Well, they're doing exceedingly well in the US, which neatly refutes that particular suggestion, doesn't it?

And let's never never never confuse "culture" with "chauvinism", something a self-declared melting pot entity such as the US is very much prone to do for entirely reasonable if myopic reasons.

E.g. living in Belgium as an expat myself, chauvinism is certainly the very last thing I'd accuse the Belgians of.

Language may indicate a strong dividing line but cultural sensitivities generally go a lot deeper than that. (Which, in my view, includes "corporate culture", by the way.) One entirely intolerable aspect of Eric Schmidt's naive declarations of intent being that he chose to voice them within the context of an environment that's been either dominated and subjugated or at least perpetually threatened by totalitarian regimes for the better part of the 20th century.

Not knowing him personally I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt on this score, but if a company's (ANY company's!) CEO doesn't want to come over like a f***** fascist he'd better put some serious effort into avoiding such a blatant fauxpas in the first place. In Europe, we've had (and are actually still having) more than our share's worth of "leaders" trying to plan our lives for us.

Plus, and that's where it gets ultimately inane in its un-professionalism: Saying such things in the face of an institution that's still holding Microsoft firmly by the balls is really suicidal. If he were our CEO, he'd have been fired the very same minute.

Quote: In Europe, we've had

In Europe, we've had (and are actually still having) more than our share's worth of "leaders" trying to plan our lives for us.

Eric has been utilizing his new found bully pulpit in global political circles threatening "truth meters" and why politicians need to play by googles rules and not theirs. Of course as with his posturing with "big media" I don't think he knows where he is in the food chain.

He corners too many snakes and he's liable to get bit.

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