Google Antivirus


Hot on the heals of the Google / Dell spyware distribution partnership, Google decided to buy an antivirus company.

Perhaps the algorithm will eventually go something like this

  • if youtube or gov or edu or trusted content partner or buying adwords or selling adsense = probably ok
  • else and still profitable = spyware

Google will use their business relationships to clean up spyware, and gain further leverage over those doing business with them. Could handing your data over to Google or doing business with Google become a form of paid inclusion?



Maybe Google wants to follow in the footsteps of Microsoft. Instead of doing one thing well they want to do everything and do nothing well.

Missing the point here

>>Google will use their business relationships to clean up spyware

The point about this software is they don't even bother to identify what is spyware and what is not. Because it's a virtual environment there is no need to classify it.

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