SEO Meetup In London


As a blast from the past, there will be an SEO gathering tonight at the Cittie of Yorke. Not an old-school PubCon™, but the next LondonSEO gathering. If you fancy a brew after work in this glorious example of a Sam Smiths pub, check out the site for details:


Yep I will be there! Really

Yep I will be there! Really looking forward to it!

Dontcha just hate it when... take a day off reading the forums to get a bit of work done and someone posts this!

Guess I missed it

I could have flown over if you gave me more notice.... I will fly miles for a free beer!

Darn It

Sorry Frank, I gathered it would be too close to SMX for you to fly over this time. If you put your name on the mailing list, you'll get pinged every time a new meet-up is announced. Last night was a classic, apparently I was in my usual drunken and insulting manner.

Nah you weren't insulting,

Nah you weren't insulting, but you sure were drunk. I had loads to drink but was relatively sober. I'm sure SMX will be different, and I'll be lifting you up Rob =)


Got to love all the Englanders traveling to Seattle.... won't be there folks. But Lisa make sure you get pics of Rob in all his drunken splendor.

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