Is Wikipedia Dying a NoFollow Death?

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Allegra & "no follow" Make Wikipedia Disappear from SERPs?
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The good boys and girls at webmasterworld are discussing member MulitMan's personal observations that some Wikipedia pages are suffering dramatic loss of rankings.

The surmise is that the addition of nofollow to all outgoing links within hours of the announcement is the cause, with the requisite "no evidence whatsoever" rule strictly adhered too heh.. My feelings remain the same however, i see nofollow as an insult to the intelligence of webmasters and a barely veiled attempt to quell the rising whine of bloggers by saying "well, we did try..."

But i digress...

So, assuming of course that Google are actually honoring nofollow (they have never said that they do or will as Brian pointed out) is it harming Wikipedia?

I know that even Scoble gets flak for using nofollow in his main weblog and that many bloggers are now STFU about this ridiculous play by the SE's so is it a failure, or are enough people still under the ether to call it a success?


Added for Adam: Make that some bloggers! heh..


It was only a matter of time!

It was only a matter of time!

Wikipedia links

I was researching something last week, and came upon a wikipedia article asking to be rewritten. I didn't specifically because of the no-follow policy.


Something I've been wondering about - if the majority of blogs sporting no follow tags are indicating spam content with those tags, then working on the lines of probability, would that therefore suggest that pages that contain nofollow tags in number are therefore indicative of potentially low quality pages? Now wouldn't that be a great use of "nofollow" - you don't devalue the links - you devalue the pages sporting those links. :)

That's just a thought of what could be possible using "nofollow" - but I think it is far far too early to make any firm conclusions on what is happening with regards to Google at current. I still see the datacenter IPs out of sync on content, with three different main sets currently at play.

Expect more changes soon.

Aside from the "usual" issues of strengthening "authority" and "hub" emphasis, as well as increased semantic processing, I'm seeing another curious feature - URLs for domains that were redirected a long time ago, showing up in the SERPs. I've seen this for multiple sites now. Is this indicative of use of outdated indices - or is Google sometimes choking on how it processes redirects?

NoFollow to Wikipedia

After losing my link-pop from Wikipedia's NoFollow links I returned the favor. I urge all to do the same.

Return the favour

- likewise. I even made mine a non-a-tag one - he. Still, I got blue from holding my breath waiting to see them drop from the serps... :X

I'm not the one to start a revolution - mind you. Just personal revenge for me {grin}

Ok... I might have to take that back...

I just noticed that nofollow was gone from a particular Wiki page that interests me. It's still there on the "foreign" version though. I DO remember that when they put it in, it happened on the English pages first too.

What/who has persuaded Wiki to remove the attributes? Have they regained faith in their editors?

Furthermore - Is this old news? I always seem to lag behind since I don't read lots of blogs ;-)

Have to check later if it's not just a side effect of their server crash... Call me an optimist LOL.


I dont see any mention Wit - nice find!

Another one finally sees sense?

I'm still cautious... might be old data (remember all the "Google is broken" threads?) But Wikipedia actually talk in great detail about their crash. No mention of an "unintentionally dropped nofollow" effect though.

The irony of it. Can't get to

The irony of it. Can't get to details of the crash because it seems the server has crashed again.

Still NO no follow

Just checking a few pages of interest, can't see any trace of no follow tags. However, surely G could simply add an If .. Then to the algo for the big no-follow sites, rather than having the tags force-fed?

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