Spamming Google: More Lead Generation Spam on Major News Sites


It is no secret that and many other major news sites publish advert / lead generation sections (get your meso help at Forbes), but a newer trend is that trusted publishers are creating these types of pages without even placing links or lead generation forms in them.

Check out this BizJournals page titled Apply For A Credit Card Online, complete with interesting backlinks and quality copywriting:

Not only can you comparison shop for credit card offers online, but you can also apply for a credit card online. This is rather convenient. In one fell swoop, you can tour through all kinds of credit cards, then apply for the one that best suits you.

How does that type of content end up published on that site?


What am I missing? I don't

What am I missing? I don't even see a link on that page so someone who actually says YAY a CC can then go an apply as the page promises.


it isn't even

totally agree...

That is one of the dumbest, least profitable, and most brand destructive spam pages I have ever seen. Thought it was worth a mention being that is was from

"it's that damn credit card

"it's that damn credit card spam... it's so hot right now!" said Mugatu... head of web dev team.

so what

aaron, i just read your response to the "if you had $100 to market a site" yesterday. in your answer you state that you'd *not* monetize the site right away until it got off the ground.

what's wrong with bizjournals keeping this page clean for a while? sounds like it's right in line with what you might do.

Is that page actually clean?

Is that page actually clean?

does anyone car bout pages

does anyone car bout pages anymore?
site is trusted, i.e. can do anything.
go get some links.


well, to be specific, i'm calling this clean (for our purposes here): "without even placing links or lead generation forms in them."

i'm calling this clean look

i'm calling this clean

look at the backlinks

It's simple

a) Someone used to pay for that page and stopped. They obviously aren't going to can it. It will go to the next buyer when one is found.


B) They're creating the pages, getting the rankings, and then finding a buyer.

An SEO company I won't mention used to use these rankings in their presentations.

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