How Business to Business (B2B) Purchasers Buy - new report


The study found that in the researching phase, a purchaser is five times more likely to turn to a generic search engine for information than a B2B search engine. As purchasers enter the later research phase and start compiling information to begin the actual negotiation, many rely on B2B vertical search engines, such as, KnowledgeStorm, or, to help gather the detailed information they require. B2B search engines were the first choice of 22.1 percent of respondents in the negotiation phase, and 18 percent of respondents in the purchase phase.


Wow - I'm amazed that anyone

Wow - I'm amazed that anyone uses B2B search engines.
In all the research I have done, I haven't come across anyone who uses B2B search engines.

Wonder if this is another one of those UK/Europe/US differences.

Amazing as it may be

I have yet to come across any real B2B buyer, and I know an awful lot of them, who do not heavily rely on B2B sites, like ThomasNet, Kompass or Alibaba, when sourcing for their company - in the US or elsewhere.

Well the B2Bs probably get

Well the B2Bs probably get some great arbitrage (paid ads and organic) traffic flow out of Google.

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